Search filters. Do people see listings with no pets?

I have birds in my filter :parrot:

I note that you have now added birds. You will need to boost your listing now so it appears at the top of new listings.
If you don’t have the membership for this I think you can do it by cancelling your dates then inputting them again.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

i always use the search filters… I wonder if there are stats on that?

Hi @Jilly. Our searches are, like @Debbie’s, date and location searches. We would love to sit for dogs, cats, fish, poultry and birds. (Maybe not all at the same time, however… :joy:) No pets would be wonderful!

There was a great post by @Snowbird on the considerations around using ‘Car required’ if you’re in the UK. I would just stress that, for many people who don’t have a car, they know how to cope without a car even in rural areas. I’ve started driving recently (after passing many moons ago but not wanting the expense of a car), but my parents live in a rural part of Wales and I’ve always managed pet-sitting for them for a few weeks at a time without a
car. So I would perhaps explain the walking/taxi distance to the nearest bus and train station, rather than saying you won’t accept sitters without a car.

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@KarenE-Moderator we would totally do all of those at the same time! Mind you, there are 4 of us. Our current biggest selection in 1 sit was dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks and geese - 23 pets in total

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Wow @Debbie! I’m impressed. There are either one or two of us, and our biggest sit was 5 land-based animals and a tank full of fish :laughing:

As to @CatStaff’s suggestion, we are also part of a lovely home exchange community called ‘People Like Us’ - they have their own website, and also a friendly Facebook group.

Already there! #900

Well, I personally also always look for no pets, just to see if anything pops up there, Since I also enjoy looking after house and garden plants and I know people who don’t particularly like to leave their house empty when on holiday, either for content safety or plant care. But there doesn’t typically seem to be any houses listed with no pets. Actually when I do see houses listed under no pets, more often than not, they do seem to have a pet to look after, as far as I can tell. So more commonly it seems to be a mistake on listings.

Hi Jilly, I have a separate saved search, with filters “anywhere” and “no pets” Unfortuantely, now that you have listed “birds” you won’t appear in my saved search (I always thought birds to be caged birds and I’m not happy with that). I have now added your listing to my favourites, so that nexy time you are looking for a sitter, if the dates are compatible I will apply.

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