Searches: Can only choose one pet type

When I set up a search, I can choose “any” pets, or I can choose only one type of pet.

I can’t select several types of pets, or exclude one type of pet.

For example, I can choose “cats”, but then the option of “no pets” won’t come up in the search.

Another example: we prefer to not sit dogs, but I can’t choose “everything except dogs”, or “not dogs”

In programming terms, the search needs to have “x and y and z” rather than “ x or y or z”.

Please make the search choices selectable.

Hi @CatStaff I’ve just done a few searches to check out your concerns. When I searched where I selected four pets, it did also show searches where there are no pets, so I believe those are automatically included. I think the listings then provide any that include any variation of the pets you are willing to sit. I think selecting ‘no pets’ is only if you will only consider sits with no pets. When @Angela-HeadOfCommunity or @Vanessa-ForumCMgr are next online they can clarify whether I’m correct.

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Hi @CatStaff and thank you @Snowbird I reached the same result as you did … I’m tagging @Therese-Moderator our Membership Services team support and ask her to confirm.

Ah. I just did a test search, and selected three pets types, then selected “no pets” as well.
This deselected the three pet types I had chosen.

So, I’ve probably been selecting “no pets” as well, every time, thereby assuming selecting multiple pet types didn’t work.

We just have to guess “no pets” will be included in the search result?
There’s no way of knowing.

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@CatStaff I did test that. I first searched for a sit without pets and I made note of a particular listing that came up. Then I did a search where I selected pets for that same state and the listing for the sit without pets also displayed in that search.

(on the app) It looks to me like “all pets” and “no pets” are top level filters… in that you select one or other with no further filtering. OR you ignore these and select multiple pet types as filters. As Angela says, Membership Services will be best placed to clarify both the filter/search inputs and the outcome results. Will be interesting to see :slight_smile:

Hi @CatStaff This is correct as @Angela-HeadOfCommunity @Vanessa-ForumCMgr @Snowbird mentioned… If you do choose no pets, it will automatically eliminate all pets completely, however, if you for example choose only cats, and a home with no pets is listed, this will automatically be added to your saved search. Therefore all sitters will get the no pet listing regardless of their specifications. I hope this helps. Kind regards Therese


I have just contacted help with this recently. In my browser, Firefox, when I select No Pets and hit Apply I still get “Pet+1”. I have rechecked several times with the same result. Seems to be a problem between the platform and my browser

@liz Just to confirm that when you select No Pets, the little button at the top does
indicate Pets * 1, however, if you open this … it does show No pets. It really is an indication that you have ticked one of the boxes. I will mention this to tech as perhaps the display is a bit confusing. Thank you for mentioning this. Kind regards Therese

PS - Also just on a general note, if ever you find the website is not working as it should, we always like to first suggest that you log out of your account, clear your browser cookies and cache and then log back into your account. This often fixes little funnies. :wink:

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Thanks for your reply Therese :slight_smile: However, the search does return sits with a pet as well as sits without. I can’t see that I am doing anything different from what you have suggested but that does not mean I haven’t!

Hi @liz If I can ask you the next time this happens, that you take a screenshot and send it to me via membership services … Please put it for Attention Therese … so I will be able to pick it up quickly.
Kind regards Therese

hi Therese :-), in starting to follow your advice to take a screen shot I think I have realized where my confusion lies. After being shown current sits with no pets, there follows a section of sits no longer available but matching my criteria. There are pets included in those sits. I missed the fact that these sits were not currently available as I was rapidly scrolling through. So sorry to have troubled you with this and thanks for looking into it. all the best :slight_smile:

I have not seen this answered in any of the forums (maybe I missed it), but is there a way to apply more than one type of pet you are willing to sit for? Example, right now, I am allergic to cats, and don’t feel I could take on livestock or reptiles, but I can sit for dogs, rabbits, chickens, fish, etc. I tried to click on more than one choice, but if I click “dogs”, I can’t add other animals before hitting the apply button. If I only hit “dogs”, then I am missing out on other opportunities without toggling back and forth.

Hi @long1016 Take a look at this post, discussing the same topic:

searches can only choose one pet type (later merged into this post)

Make sure you’re not making a similar mistake. If you include ‘no pets’ it will cancel out your earlier choices.

I just tested the pets filter on the website and app and didn’t have any problems.

Yes, that is definitely possible @long1016 Are you using the desktop version or mobile app? Perhaps try switching to another browser. I used Google Chrome on my laptop for this screenshot.

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