Searching for a sitter

Hello! Try giving my post a read for some tips on how to improve your listing :blush:

5 common mistakes to avoid for a successful listing

I also gave your listing a read, and I have to say that although it’s certainly not bad, it’s not particularly exciting. It doesn’t do a lot to hook me as a reader and is a little dry/boring. Your intro reads very much like an autobiography rather than telling sitters why they should choose you. Try hyping your listing up a little with an exciting and energetic tone. I would remove all information in your introduction from where you begin to talk about the horses onwards and simply tell sitters why the should choose you.

Your home and location section doesn’t tell sitters where they will sleep and lacks description of the house. It may be helpful to mention that sitters will need their own car or if you can lend your car if that’s an option for you.

Responsibilities section is fine, but would be helpful for sitters to know exactly how long the dogs can be left for, and how long their walks are. You also say there are 2 dogs in your responsibilities instead of 3 (probably a typo).

You have lovely pictures, but your title can definitely be changed to something more exciting (e.g “explore the north Georgia Mountains.”

If you’re searching for couples only, I strongly suggest you make this be one of the first things a sitter reads in your introduction, otherwise you may find single sitters applying.

Hope that helps!