Selfie with pets

At the moment I have the pleasure to sit for a lovely but very old golden retriever. I would really like to make a selfie with him of myself. But how do I do this? He has difficulties in standing or sitting next to me, so how can I proceed so it’s a nice experience for both of us?

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Hi @Lieve what’s the saying? “Never work with pets or children” …

Getting any pet to cooperate is a tough one, unless of course they are a real character who loves the lens (some do)

The Blue Cross animal charity in England have very kindly published an article on exactly what you are asking and I’m sure there will be lots of help from members, after all ask any sitter “What’s the most pics on your camera roll?” and if they’re like me it will be plus 4,000 pics of pets, 4 pics of humans. :sweat_smile: :dog: :cat:

Good luck and happy snapping … be sure to share the results of your picture posing.

Angela and the Team

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A selfie stick is an essential sitter accessory! It makes pictures so much easier.

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Most phones now have a timer, the iPhone icon is the little dial second right in this screenshot.
Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 19.55.55

It gives you the option to take a picture in 3 or ten seconds, and if you have the dog sitting, set up your camera with the dog in the frame, and press the shutter, on the 10-second option, giving you time to sit or stand beside him. 10 seconds is a surprisingly long time when you are waiting for a picture!

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