Sim cards in usa for a french cell phone

We plan to go to usa and wonder how to use our french cell phone overthere
It has only 1 sim card inside, shall we need to put a new one, prepaid , does it work with Orange provider? How can we know we have messages on our french cell number if there is an american card ?
Can we keep the same number ?
We own old cell phones with 2 sim cards, would it be better to use that phone?
In south america we never managed to buy a card, as we were not residents…

Go for Airalo. It is an e-SIM card. So no need to insert a new card. Les prix sont excellents pour les USA.

Merci Brigitte. Mais vous êtes canadienne, vous êtes certaine que cela marche pour un mobile français ?

Votre mobile est de quelle marque ? Apple ? Samsung ? Allez voir sur le lien. Moi j’ai Apple.

Samsung. Ce qui est bizarre, c’est qu’en me connectant j’ai un message de mise en garde…

:grimacing: Sorry about that. Maybe not good for Samsung. Somebody else will probably answer your question then.

Hi @Candide and @Brigitte. Whether your phone can use eSims is specific to the actual model of phone you have, not just the manufacturer. I also have a Samsung, a newer model, and it does support eSims. This is newer technology that is supported by most newer phone models, as this is the direction the technology is headed. @Candide if your phone doesn’t support eSims, does Orange offer an international package you can add for the duration of your trip? If not, you may want to use your older phone with both your Orange sim card and a sim card you purchase upon arrival in the US.


Thanks Karen