Sit Cancellation Insurance - Evidence of cancellation

One of my upcoming sits has been cancelled and I need to make a claim for the sit cancellation insurance. I’ve read that claiming insurance as a sitter can be difficult so I just want to make sure I’m doing this properly!

Regarding evidence to show that the sit was cancelled, I have a message on the TrustedHousesitters website from the HO stating that they need to cancel their trip due to a death in their family and that they will be cancelling the sit now through the website. They then “unconfirmed” the sit. I believe from the HO side there isn’t an option or button to actually “cancel” the sit.

Unconfirming the sit on their end seems to have left the listing dates up and it’s gone back to “reviewing applications”. Will there be any problem with proving that the sit was cancelled? Is there anything else the HO needs to do to show that they cancelled the sit? E.g. Do you they need to re-confirm me as their sitter and then delete the dates? Or will the message from them telling me they are cancelling the sit be enough evidence?

I am aware that I won’t be reimbursed if I mutually agree to cancel the sit. The message from the HO says they are cancelling the sit, followed by an “unconfirmed” message and I haven’t replied to this. I have also already contacted TrustedHousesitters to let them know the sit has been cancelled


Is it within 14 days of you starting the sit @ChocolatePenguin? That’s the key but to making the claim.

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Sorry forgot to say! Yes, the sit was due to start in a few days

The owners need to remove their dates @ChocolatePenguin not just unconfirm you.

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Thanks @temba

Do you think they need to reconfirm me as their sitter and then remove the dates?

Or would it be ok for them to just remove the dates now they they have unconfirmed?

As you already have the owner’s message re cancellation due to a death in your Inbox as proof, I would think they just need to remove their dates @ChocolatePenguin . Do check with Membership Services though.

Hi @ChocolatePenguin,

Sorry your sit was cancelled. I like how you’re trying to have your ducks in a row!

Don’t forget we can all check the official info:

which includes a link to:

And T&C are always subject to being updated. These were last updated July 21, 2023. (I wish there were a diff of the changes, but looks like you’d have to archive these yourself and then diff them as new ones appear.)

Hope it goes well!

Thanks Geoff. Yes, from reading other threads here about the cancellation insurance and how annoyingly complicated it is, I knew it was important to get all my ducks in a row!

That’s a good idea to save the terms and conditions! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks everyone!

Membership services have got back to me now. I asked them if there was anything else the HO needed to do in this situation and they said that the screenshots I sent them (of the HO explaining she needs to cancel and unconfirming me as sitter) clearly show that the pet parent opted to cancel the sit. They have assured me that I don’t need to provide any more evidence of the cancellation.

This is reassuring and I hope that this response helps other sitters too.


Just be prepared for it to be a very long process. It’s been over 7 weeks since I submitted my claim and I’m still waiting. Apparently, it’s still being reviewed by the ‘insurance partner.’

Thanks for the heads up @systaran - that’s so frustrating! I hope they get to it soon

Glad I didn’t bother claiming insurance for a couple of nights of hotel when a HO was injured and returned home early. I have premium membership, but I figured it wasn’t worth what likely would be a hassle.