Sitter Availability Calender

Hello. I’ve noticed on some sitter profile calendars there’s a stroke thru dates. I assume that means they are not available. On other sitter calendars I see a green circle over some dates. Does that mean the same thing? Not available ? Thx for your help.

Hi @Smoretto

Green = available
White =unavailable
Struck through = unavailable because they are committed to a THS house sit .

You are not the only one to find the calendar confusing.It would be helpful if a key or legend was added to the calendar. This suggestion has been made before .

Hope you find a sitter soon . Have you also made a listing so that sitters can apply to you ?

Thx. I was mixed up. Newbie error. I had green and strike through as unavailable. I’ll adjust my search. There will be a great THS for my little gal out there!

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No, programming error. Management error.

All THS needs to do is to display a legend, a key. A single line of code. They should be able to afford that with their millions in revenue.

@Smoretto - not a mistake on your part. A calendar is absolutely pointless unless it indicates what the different colours and strike throughs mean.

My impression is that many sitters also do not know they need to mark their available dates. If you rally consider white dates as unavailable, there’s hardly anyone left to invite. After I accidentally discovered there’s such a thing as green marked dates, I quickly scan the calendar of someone I want to invite. If all dates are white and/or stoked I assume they are available on the white dates.

Yes, not having a legend or key makes no sense. But as @MiqueFrançois mentioned, it’s possible to figure out via clues.

That doesn’t actually matter in most cases, though, because few sitters are motivated enough to mark their calendars. For such a feature to work, you need mass adoption. But for most THS sitters, who rarely sit, why’s that worth the effort? They can just apply when they’re good and ready, rather than marking their calendar and randomly hoping a HO offers them a sit that actually matches their needs and preferences. (The odds of that are low enough to not be motivating.)

The people who are most motivated are those who sit a lot (or nonstop). But they’re a small slice of THS sitters and they typically already have a relatively easy time landing sits.

Even for someone like me, who’ll end up having done 10 to 12 sits in less than a year (I joined in February), it’s not worth marking my calendar. I can get enough good sits by just applying. And I already get unsolicited invites.

If the inventory of sits weren’t so robust, sitters’ practices might change. But as it is, if you’re a sitter with a reasonable number of good reviews, it’s easy to get sits.


Thanks for that info. I wondered why I’m finding so few with green availability. I’m inviting if I see nothing marked and I find their bios/reviews similar to what I am looking for!
Appreciate your comments!

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