Sitter has Covid-19 - sit in 2 days, no reply yet from TSH

Hi there, we’re new to Trusted Housesitters. We had a great sitter set up for Christmas but unfortunately she just tested positive for Covid. We’re really at a loss at what to do as we’re two days away from flying for a 7 day trip. I’ve tried calling, emailing and messaging TSH but they must not have support on Saturdays as I haven’t been able to get through. Does anyone have any idea on what to do or how TSH can support? I don’t suppose they have a process or any connections to urgent pet sitters to help with something like this? This was our first time visiting family abroad since the pandemic so we are really going to be crushed if we have to cancel.


How awful for you as well as for the sitter. I tag @Angela-HeadOfCommunity , @Vanessa-ForumCMgr and @Therese-Moderator for you. They might be able to boost your listing and help by posting also on social media.
Good luck :four_leaf_clover: with finding a replacement!:pray:t3:


Hello. To make it easy for sitters on the forum to view your listing, you can add a link to it in your forum username. Here are the instructions.

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity or @Vanessa-ForumCMgr will also move your listing to the Last Minute Sits, where it may get more views on the forum. You could also copy it to that area, and they can close this version off when they are next online.

As a quick fix, at least add here your location -city, country - and dates of the sit. Please note that you cannot add the listing directly in the post here.

From Snowbird to SnowAndLights - I hope all works out for you. :snowman_with_snow:


Hello @snowandlights and I’m so sorry to hear that both that your sitter has Covid and that she’s had to cancel. These are uncertain times for sure. Membership services have been working today but due to the changes in restrictions in Europe, France and UK particularly they have higher than normal call rates. I will take a quick look at your listing and as @Snowbird has just mentioned, we can post this sit on your behalf in the Last Minute Sit section here in the forum. Bear with me while I set this in motion and I will be back shortly.


Hi @snowandlights … The first thing we need to do is get your sit re-listed which will involve you unconfirming your sitter as follows - these are the instructions from the help desk:

If you can let me know here or by direct message when this is done, we can get your sit into the Last Minute Sit category.

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Hi @snowandlights I’m so sorry this has happened but you’ve been in good hands with @Vanessa-ForumCMgr & @Snowbird … I have unconfirmed your sitter, your dates are now live again … we can also share your listing across our social channels if this is something you would like done. Please respond via this thread and let me know. I have also boosted your listing.

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@Angela-HeadOfCommunity @Vanessa-ForumCMgr @Snowbird thank you all for your replies! that’s very helpful! The sitter is now unconfirmed - please do share it across social channels and add to the last minute sit category if possible! Thank you so much!

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Meant to add this sorry - London, UK, 21st to 28th December

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Hi @snowandlights … I’ve just added to the Last Minute Category for you… but if there’s anything you’d like to add or want me to change please let me know. Just LOVE British Shorthairs … we’ve looked after a few over last year… If we were there we’d jump at chance. Hope you get someone. All the best, Vanessa

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Here’s the link for anyone interested… in Last Minute Sits…

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Did you find a sitter yet?
If not, I will come sit if you’ll pay to fly me there?

Jill Johnson

I’m in Canada so can’t be of any help, but what a wonderful listing, and Peanut is adorable. I hope things work out for you and that you get to enjoy your time away. :cat:


Unless you are considering a domestic flight, I would suggest that someone flying in from outside the UK would only complicate matters for our homeowner, who is already under stress from circumstances outside of their control.

If you are within the UK, you have an excellent and affordable public transit system. THS is a win-win, so you would get to enjoy the benefits of London, UK, with free accommodations. I haven’t priced a hotel in London lately, but I expect it would be more than your transit costs.


Hi @Jillbie as @Snowbird says we are sharing community enjoying the benefits of a mutual exchange, win win proposition …

Average accomodation in London at anytime is expensive but during the holiday season it’s out of the reach of many. Pet sitting is a way of enjoying a home away from home, not just one room where even the internet is probably extra, all of which offsets any travel costs …

If and when we welcome you into our TrustedHousesitters community you will never cease to be amazed at the dynamics of our sharing and caring community, after all animals are at the heart of who we are and why we do what we do.

Thank you for joining in the conversation and connecting with our community.