Sitter hasn't confirmed, okay to get back up

Hi! I had to cancel my original travel plans to next month. So in resisting, I choose a sitter a couple of days ago but she didn’t accept. So I spoke to her today and she asked about the use of a car, which I put that I do not have a car they can use in my description. Now she said, she’ll see if she can get a car that’s not expensive, and will get back to me. In the mean time, I’m stressing because it’s only three and a half weeks till I leave and have no one committed to sit! Another applicant that I declined, said to let her know if this one “goes south”. Is it okay to ask this applicant if she could stand by for the next 12 hours and let her know if I need someone (if my original sitter won’t accept). I live on Oahu, but still feel it’s stressful because I’m guessing it’s pricier to fly here and it’s not much time at this point! Or should I just wait until tomorrow and possibly ask the other applicant OR even resist? Help!

Your sitter hasn’t accepted. Even if I haven’t made my flight arrangements, I accept a sit I intend to do. This sounds like she is waffling and doesn’t know the costs of car yet.
I would reach out to the next applicant and see how ready they are to commit.


Go back to the other applicant and see if she’s still keen. Do a video call (if you haven’t already) & then make your decision. The other sitter is messing you around. Be clear on comms with both sitters and tell the first one they are taking too long so you need to move on if they don’t confirm in the next 24 hours. You have to feel comfortable with your choice @Ecco and clear, timely comms is the most important element for a successful sit from start to finish. #trustyourgut

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I say, decline the car issue sitter and offer to the sitter you declined - if you think that sitter is a good fit.

The car issue sitter missed a pretty big detail about your listing and it seems a bit manipulative and I’m gussing the sitter hopes you’ll offer to pay for a car.

We can’t see your listing to give feedback but you could add the listing link to your forum profile.

You can also take the listing down and repost, so it shows as new.

Have a plan B.
Picking a sitter that is not a good fit could be a headache.

I agree with the others that the first sitter is messing you around and should be declined. Don’t ask the second sitter to stand by for 12 hours. You’ve already rejected them once; asking them to be on call in case you need them is just reinforcing the fact that they are not your first choice and they could be offended.


If your sitter hasn’t accepted, your sitter hasn’t accepted. Yes it takes time to organise certain things, but it’s up to the sitter to get those things in order very quickly, and she should have already thought about how she was going to get to your place before applying.

Give her 24hrs to sort things, or reject her and carry on looking, because you need things setting in stone now. No need to be horrible to her, just make it nice and friendly, but to the point.

@Ecco did you have a conversation ( video / phone call ) with the sitter before inviting her .?
It’s a good idea to do this because you can clear up things like this before inviting them to sit .

Ok, she actually confirmed last night while I was out. She is currently doing another sit here on the island. So since her reviews are great, I’ll keep her. But I think I’ll confirm with other potential sitters that they will have a rental or use public transportation. Thank you for all your replies. :+1: