Sitter Lost our pet!

The cat had been chipped. Then the police would know when someone had scanned a lost cat, I suppose.

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Losing the cat is one thing. It does happen occasionally. Not being honest about the loss or timing is the issue here. That should be in the review. #honestycountsforalot


If I read correctly the sitter said she last saw the cat at 8pm the night before the PP arrived home. Did the sitter not find it strange when the cat didn’t come for breakfast the next morning (which would have been the day the pet parents arrived home)?

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After a few days it is difficult to know what is strange behaviour. I have been on a cat sit where not all cats always showed up for breakfast. One of three kept a distance.

What we know is that they told the HO. Who had not noticed yet.

So sorry this happened to you, how stressful for you folks. I would be honest on their review. There is always a chance any sitter watching indoor cats could accidentally let one out, but its how you respond that’s the most important thing about that scenario.

We’re not sitting random cats. They’re cats that someone has lived with and knows their patterns. Like I sat a pair that would not only meow incessantly, but also nip your ankles while you prepped their food. Their humans knew that and relayed it.

In this case, the host said their cats didn’t miss meals and were vocal for food. If a cat like that misses its meals, it’s not normal and a sitter should pay attention and see what’s up.


Slightly off-topic, but I will be taking some little jingle bells to attach to the dog’s collar on my next sit – makes it slightly less worrying if you can still hear them out on a walk, even if you can’t see them!


Ignore the comments that suggest it’s normal in any way for a sitter to lose sight of your indoor cat, not mention it immediately when (or even before) you arrive home, and not be as concerned as you are about finding the cat. Many Indoor cats do not know how to find their way home or stay safe outdoors. IMO this shows a serious lack of care and responsibility. I would review honestly: the house was well taken care of (?) but you felt they showed little concern or effort to find your missing cat. Also, they weren’t totally truthful about the timing of events.

Poor thing was outdoors, for one, and hiding or stuck in a crevice? What if you hadn’t come home so soon, would they have been out looking for her or just casually mentioned she hadn’t been seen in a week? Just saying, nice people make mistakes, but they own up to them and try to fix them. Some HO’s might not care, but I would be really disappointed if my THS sitters showed so little concern for my missing pet so please, compose a compliment sandwich if you must, but mention it in your review. And I’m so relieved your kitty is safe :slight_smile:


Add in the 4 hours that it took for the OP to find the cat and it was missing for about 26 hours


Hello, @Sarah999 The forum team is so happy to hear that your cat was found safe and well. That must have been a very stressful experience for you.

I can see that you had a chat with Frankie the bot from Membership Services, so I just left Membership Services a note in case you want to discuss anything further.

Outside of that, I can see that you have received helpful feedback and advice from the fantastic forum community, they are a really helpful bunch :smiling_face: I hope that helps with your review.

I’m sorry that this was your first experience of using THS and I hope the comments from the forum can offer you some help and reassurance for future sits.


No, in the UK the police won’t help with lost cats whether chipped or not, A vet will scan the chip if it comes to their attention.


Mind you cats ‘lost’ up trees in England will often get a fire engine attending :+1:

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I’m on a cat sit right now (2 cats). A mere hour after the HO had left, I couldn’t find one of the cats. I was about to head out for a bit, so I wanted to make sure both cats were accounted for and texted the HO to ask what the usual hiding place were for this cat.

About 15 min later I actually found the cat - chilling in the sauna! So yes, I think sitters should take their responsibility seriously as in always making sure ‘all cats are accounted for’.


It was presumably an accident, but any decent sitter should know to be a bit neurotic about doors and windows when there are indoor-only cats in the house. Even the most careful sitter can have a cat escape, but not telling you shows that they weren’t as concerned as they should have been.

I am ultra-careful with indoor cats, but once I had a cat that dashed out when I returned to the house and barely cracked open the front door. There wasn’t enough space for me to even get my foot in the door, but the cat still escaped. Fortunately, he returned home a couple of hours later, but it was worrying. I’ve dealt with many escape-artist cats, but this was a different level! I now bring a small cowbell to sits so I can ring the bell when opening a door from outside. I’m sure the neighbors laugh!


Does ringing a bell help keep cats from escaping?

Just for information -
From 10 June 2024, it will be a legal requirement in England to have your cat microchipped and you may be fined if you don’t.

If you want peace of mind, getting your cat microchipped is essential. Cats are keen wanderers and making sure they can be easily identified will increase the chances of a happy reunion if they do stray too far.


usually not a police issue this is more for a local trapping community or cathome/refuge. The police do not usually ( in europe) both with missing animals this is usually for special organisations. Like here in the Netherlands Amivedi /Dierenambulance ( animal ambulance) etc they have volunteer workers who can scan a cat if found) I had one a year or so that had “ got out” in hindsight had been dumped. ( lived on the sixth floor of an appartment with a dividing door to the staircase so no way the cat had gotten itself out.

And then I would think that the number would be reported to the police, to the service that is responsible for found property (“gevonden voorwerpen”), where also a pet owner then could enquire.

Just like one would do when one found a bicycle, a mobile phone, wallet, etc. It is also the place to report lost or stolen items like that.

The police in my town in Sweden has quite regularly posts on Facebook when a found dog was handed in to them. A few weeks ago a chihuahua.

I’ve had an indoor cat & my biggest fear was him getting out. We’re now sitters & I would be straight onto the HO if one of my charges went missing. It sounds like if they had searched properly they would have found the cat relatively quickly. I’ve been chosen for a few sits because we have a lot of cat experience, particularly with indoor cats. Don’t be put off using the site again but maybe be more selective on the sitters experience & understanding of having indoor cats.


Thats good here it usually goes straight to the dierenambulance or Amivedi these are known organisations for missing animals where they can be reported as found or lost :smiley: Through Amivedi owners can print posters with all the contact details etc to help find the mostly cats