Missing Sitter

Hello everyone, I had an application from a sitter who currently is sitting about an hours drive away from us. She asked if she could come to see us and our dog while she was so near, and we fixed on 2pm this afternoon. At about 3pm I sent a message asking if she was lost, and to ring us and we would direct her here, and she’d if perhaps she has changed her mind. She has not arrived almost 4hours later. We only know her first name and where she is sitting so cannot contact her and we are worried that perhaps she has had an accident. We have messaged each other several times and she has always replied immediately. What should we do.

Hello @Sallyann That does sound worrying. You can reach out to the Membership Services team here as they should have more contact information and be able to see the sit that the sitter is currently on. I hope that all is well with the sitter, thank you for reaching out to check that they are okay :smiling_face:

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Maybe she lost her phone, or it broke, or battery is dead?

Maybe she completely forgot about your agreed meeting and went on a hike in an area where the cell service is terrible?

I hope it is one of these, rather than an accident.

Please let us know what happens!

Member services will have alternative and emergency contact numbers for the sitter . They can try to contact the sitter in your behalf.

e-Mail support@trustedhousesitters.com with URGENT in the title. For help you can also do a live chat and ask to speak to a human .

Please let the forum know when you hear from the sitter.

I finally heard from the sitter on Tuesday evening. She said that she had broken her phone and the dog she was sitting had diarrhoea so the day was a write off and she had only just seen my messages from the previous Sunday. She asked if she could meet us at another time.
By this time we’d had another excellent application and had a video call with a lovely couple and were fixed up. She is sitting in a reasonably big place and I would have thought she could have contacted us somehow, but she didn’t read our messages until 2 days after we sent them. Maybe it is best we have someone else. At least she and the dog where not dead in a ditch or something equally terrible.


Thanks for the update @Sallyann
does seem a little odd that she wasn’t trying alternative ways to contact you for two days since she had arranged to visit you on Sunday . Glad she is ok though and sounds like you have found good sitters.