Hi -Has anyone any advice please?

I have used Trusted Housesitters several times and it has always been a brilliant experience and I have had great sitters, now I am going away in 9 days for a month leaving my little animals with a sitter who was booked quite some time ago. However I can’t get hold of her to check that she is on track and still able to come and that she has plans re.self-isolation etc. I have made arrangements for my young dog to stay elsewhere should she need to self-isolate, but so far have no idea whether she will be needing this arrangement or not. As I am committed to going away and it is very important, the fact that she is not responding is extremely frustrating. Especially as her phone now seems to be unreachable.
Any advice gratefully received.

Hi @KRK welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining and I’m sorry you are having issues connecting with your sitter. I am going to DM about this and connect with Membership Services. Once again welcome, I will message you now.


Although Angela is helping you, if you show your location here, if you do find you need a replacement, perhaps someone reading this will be able to step in. I realize you’ll be able to re-post, but the more you can get the word out at that point, the better. I hope things work out for you. You’ve shown a great deal of respect to this missing sitter, especially with your backup plans if quarantine is needed. Kudos to you for that. Many would not have been as considerate in such circumstances.


The sitter had changed her phone but not let me know, but has now been in touch. Phew!

All the best,



Hi Kate, so glad this has all worked out. I contacted Carla in Membership Services as soon as you posted on the forum and she emailed your sitter. Thank you for sharing your experience this goes to underline the importance of keeping in touch, exchanging the correct contact details and updating any changes.

Have a wonderful trip and do stay connected to the forum …

I Know its not going to help in your current situation but as a sitter I always contact the HO a month before and then again a week before just to avoid the anxiety you are feeling, I suspect most sitters probably do similar communications.

I then send them a link to my sat nav on my journey so they can see when I’m due to arrive.

Hopefully all is well with your sitter and you hear soon…


Once I agree to a sit I make sure the HO has my direct email address and my cell number. I also ask for theirs so I can be sure to add to my address book so their mail/calls don’t go to spam.