Sitter Lost our pet!

The noise usually scares them away from the door, giving me enough time to get into the house. When i am inside and leaving, I will throw treats as far away as possible to distract them while I leave.


Tangentially, I’ve done two sits so far where the pair of cats each never got treats, which made me kind of sad for them. One pair were rampant food thieves, according to their humans, so they said the cats didn’t need more calories. The other pair were normal, no medications or weight issues, but still no treats, poor fellows. Yet another sit had a solo cat that received no treats.

Till I encountered them, I figured pets generally got treats, though maybe healthy ones or few of them. And of course, their primary humans decide what they eat or not, so I followed their guidance.

Personally I think a ‘headcount’ of all pets in regular intervals is pretty much the ‘bare minimum’.

As too is making sure a room is ‘pet free’ before opening doors to the outside (groceries, washing etc.)

I have yet to have an escapee, I am sure one determined animal will successfully ‘breakout’ but I can tell you it would be me outside trying to find it!

So glad ‘inside kitty’ is back safely inside!


This is exactly what our cat did 3x. Now we know.

It’s in our welcome book
and…truth be told…I put a fun sign on this door for the sitters as a reminder.

Now we open this door with our hand down while making a swishing noise. It seems to work but we are still VERY careful using the door.

In my role as sitter, I ask about escape artists tendencies🙂

Unpopular view, but I have some sympathy for the sitters here. Losing an animal is every sitter’s worst nightmare. It could just be that they were very nervous and either genuinely confused about when they’d last seen the cat - rather than lying outright - or they decided not to fess up because they were simply scared. Either way, they’re probably feeling absolutely terrible. I’m not condoning dishonesty, if that’s what it was. But it wasn’t necessarily dishonesty and I don’t think a punitive review would be fair.