Sitter/Owner Ratios - Helping to Redress the Balance

It is indeed a “mutually beneficial exchange” for both the Home Owners and for the Sitters.


Then there are some of us retired folks who are looking for ways to bless others so we enjoy sitting in quieter regions, out of cities, where we can spend quality time with pets and we don’t need to spend our time site seeing. We have travelled extensively so now it’s our time to give back. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Very well said, Solotraveler! Thank you.

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I was very interested to receive an email from THS today (I have a combined membership) encouraging owners in the northern hemisphere to plan their summer holiday and book a great sitter. It also was promoting advertising listings which are still months away to secure a top-notch sitter! We all know it is a sitters market at present and many sitters are not considering sits until closer to the dates. I have a feeling there may be more unhappy owners as a result of this promotion email.

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I find it interesting that so many sits are being posted now for June/ July. We are getting sit requests pretty frequently but are already booked up for sits we arranged months ago. I think home owners might find themselves struggling to find sitters when posting so last minute…

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