Sitter photos

Agree this does make things harder. I have a few selfies walking dogs where you can kind of see the dog in the background but it’s not as picture perfect as if someone else took the photo.
Another platform that I have used in the past for paid sits requires something like 5 pictures with pets where the pet and the face are clearly visible and good lighting etc so it couldn’t be a picture of pet sleeping on my lap or feet or something. Despite a phone full of pet pictures it took forever to find 5 photos they would accept that clearly showed me and the pets.

I sit solo and don’t share photos of myself with those pets, because I don’t /can’t take decent selfies. For THS profile purposes, the only pet photo I have with me is one my husband took, including our dog.

With my THS profile, I have various pictures of my sit pets, sometimes with my hand or arm cuddling, petting or brushing them. I include a few photos of me in other settings, with other people.

That’s enough. I’ve had no trouble landing sits despite the above.

In my first year with THS, I did 11 sits, including four abroad. For 2024, I’m booked monthly through October via THS and Nomador. (I used the identical bio and photos.) And I’d be booked for more if I wanted, but I won’t sit full time, nor during year-end holidays.

And I get unsolicited invitations for sits as well, even without me in a bunch of pet photos.


Very weird. I would decline them.

I also mainly sit solo and occasionally will ask a stranger to take a photo of the dog and me when out on a walk or outing which I can send to the owner and also use on my profile if I wish to.


I sit solo, I can’t take a selfie to save my life, and anyway, I hate most photos of myself.
None of this makes me sinister, untrustworthy, or a bad sitter.
My pet-less profile photo hasn’t been a problem for the pet parents who accepted me as a sitter or to those who (frequently) invite me to sit.


As a sitter, all of our photos show us with kitties except 2 that are just us traveling. But yes, if I were an HO, I’d #1 want to see you and #2, want to see you with pets in your care!

I saw a listing yesterday with 87 photos!!! I stopped scrolling through them after the first few close-up photos of vegetables in their garden!


I’d be uncomfortable as a HO if there were no photos of the sitter/guest. However, as a sitter it feels very uncomfortable that HO’s don’t have to put their photos. And that a sitter has to put their age, but the HO’s do not. Neither should need to put their age.


Yes, that’s the same one. :laughing:

I didn’t even know you could post that many!

Was it “only” 27 photos? Maybe it just felt like 87 :wink:


Those remote selfie sticks work great if the pet is cooperative!

They have 87 pictures of cucumbers and zucchini and they are our current record holder.


@BunnyCat any tomatoes? Or other pumpkin varieties? :rofl: I’m too lazy to scroll through all the photos to see if they have my preferred veggies


They also have peppers, pumpkins and strawberries


Love the special effects!


@botvot yes I thought it was a bug when I first saw it before tapping :laughing: (I don’t mean one of the vegetable bugs) :rofl:


I agree. I just don’t have any of me with pets (although I have one of me holding a baby crocodile, and another of me holding a baby goat - neither are pets though).

Hello @BunnyCat I have not had an update so it might be worth reaching out to the Membership Services team as they can log into accounts and check the photo limit for owners. They should have an answer :slight_smile:

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I received a reply from membership services that sitters are allowed 13 profile pics and 10 “Cared for” pics.
Hosts are allowed 10 pics per pet, so the listing in question is allowed 120 pics :astonished: since they have 12 cats.