More photos

Please,please,please can we post more photos!

Ive looked after lots of animals and want to upload a picture of each and everyone.

Why are we limited?

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More photos requires more server space for THS, which costs money and resources.

As a HO, I won’t look at the photos of the animals you have cared for. I don’t care what the prior cats or dogs looked like. If I want to know that you have experience with my particular breed of animal, I expect you to mention that in your application. I won’t trawl through tens of photos to find one of a bengal or French bulldog, for example.

As a pet owner, animal foster, volunteer, and pet-sitter, I have cared for many hundreds of animals/birds/fish/poultry/etc. I have not uploaded any photos of them, but I have an Instagram account where HOs can see photos if they want.


@Lassie goodness. So harsh. I believe Im still entitled to my own opinion :anguished:

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