Sitters are doing owners an amazing service

When a sitter stays in our home, we want to show our gratitude however we can. It’s my strong view that they are doing the pet owners the best care we could possibly imagine. Hiring pet sitters for pay will cost around 6-8 hundred a month.

Rules habit that no money is to be exchanged. Agreed! Sitters indicate they want to be around our furries and visit our cities. The favor goes both ways to be sure. My only concern is how we welcome sitters to stay in our homes. Do we leave fresh produce and other staples? Are they to have access to the food in our fridges and cupboards. I say stock up and help them save money on groceries and meals. If someone is staying in our home, we want them to relax and feel at home in every way. I suppose there are many ways to do this exchange and this is our way.


@Sandis311 , Welcome back! What a sweet note.! As a sitter, it’s so nice to feel appreciated.

In my experience, what I like is a clean place, room in the fridge and freezer, a place to open my suitcase or if I’m staying longer, some drawer and/or closet space.

I have had a few owners leave gifts, e.g. wine, chocolates, pastries, bread and sometimes leftover food from dinner they may have cooked or from a restaurant they may have taken me on arrival. I recently had a sit where they hadn’t had time to eat a full Indian takeout dinner and left it for us and it was fab!

You can ask your sitters if they want you to pick up a few items to get them started, e.g. milk, bread, cereal, etc., nothing elaborate or extensive, the sitters will provide their own food. Something really nice was when a pet owner lived a distance from the food market and I had no car, so she stopped at the market so I could do my shopping. I would never expect an owner to pay for my food.

Really, the best thanks you can give is a prompt review that is hopefully a good one for a job well done.

You’re so kind!

Take a look at this topic: As an owner, do you give any type of gift to sitters


Thank you, so much for taking the time to share this with our community.

Frankly, though appreciated, when sitting, we really don’t expect anything at all, but have been grateful recipients of lovely gifts of wine, a ride to get to the sit, delicious food and even sweet notes from the pet parents. So heart-warming just thinking about them. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But I, also, appreciate when we’re not being treated like a free service provider, arrive to a sit where the dishwasher is filled with filthy dishes… at lunch time, and being offered the food in the refrigerator… that is a week past its expiration date (basically, I’m left cleaning out a refrigerator for the pet parent or else I don’t have any space to place our food). Sadly, this recently happened to us, and it wasn’t the first time.

Fortunately, we’ve had many wonderful sits from this platform and trust that we’ll have more (currently, on one at this very moment ! :smiley:).

Thank you, again, @Sandis311.


Had to smile at your response. Refrigerator should be clean for your visit and dishwasher emptied! You should be treated like the finest guests! So happy to hear how well you’ve been welcomed, for the most part.


This is so sweet of you to do. As a sitter I welcome it.

I have had host do this and they are my favourite sits by far. A meal or some food for the day of arrival has been gifted which is nice. I have also had chocolates and wine left.
Other owners have brought me a take out for first night and others have returned from travel with items and gifts like a speciality tea or food from travels. I am veggie/vegan. I don’t drink much. But the thought is welcomed. Sometimes it’s been a journey to get to the sit so something to eat has been nice. I have had one or two owners on other sites not trusted take me out for a pub dinner to welcome me to their home others have asked if they can pick me up some basic supplies.


Hi @Sandis311,
As a sitter that’s currently on my 12th sit I appreciate the small gestures. Now I’ve been taken for meals by the HO but a nice home cooked meal or leaving groceries is equally welcome. I’ve also had a HO that was the most wonderful home baker and made me the most delicious fruit cake.


Your response helps us all to offer better sits. Thank you!

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This is such a great response. Being new, you help me to be a better HO!


Wow, on behalf of all us sitters, thank you so much! What an incredible welcome you provide — I’m sure your warmth most of all. I do agree with @mars that a timely review is the best thanks (though everything else you’re saying is very delicious icing!!! :blush:). :clap::clap::clap:


Yes I have also had home cooked meals but that can be added pressure to host or cook when your really preparing to travel and may have extra packing. It can already be a lot that there is a house clean up and beds to prepare and remembering all the things for a sitter. So whilst I do love home cooked food I know that can sometimes be one extra thing. I like to leave homeowners a pot of soup for when they return so they have something to return to alongside happy pets and clean house.

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You offer a warm welcome home to HO! So kind❤️

Wow right back at you. I’m still learning and your response helps. I’m frankly surprised that welcoming warmly isn’t a given. Of course, that positive review is the most valuable effort, both ways!

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I totally have experienced the free service provider treatment. Had to laugh at the food past its expiration date (can of coke in the fridge lol) and limited cleaning products (one place had one cleaning cloth for me)

Sadly, more than once.

However, I have had some chocolate and nice wine provided to me !

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I always review and try to be detailed — it’s the best thanks I can give to the pet owners. :blush:

Ahhh! You remind me to leave out tge cleaning supplies. Thank you! I would not appreciate being treated as a free service when I’m caring for folks’ beloved furries!


Truth! The reviews are gold.

Happy i helped x

HI @Sandis311 I’d like to join other members in welcoming you back after a little time away, we missed you!

Thank you for expressing appreciation for the sitters who care for your pets and home, THS is a mutually beneficial exchange at it’s heart.

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@Sandis311 I wanted to add to the other feedback and say how appreciated it makes me feel to read your post, your sitters are privileged to have such considerate owners!

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I hope to live up to my words.

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