Sitters Pet care info

Can I suggest in the responsibilities section pet owners give more information on actual care required other than “love and feed my dogs”. Before we sitters apply we need to know how much exercise dogs may need and actual feeding times and frequency etc. how long they can be left alone etc as all these factors may influence whether we apply for a sit and
More info is better so each others time is not wasted. Thanks


I totally agree with @Melouise, but i don’t like it when pet parents basically cut and paste the entire content of their welcome pack.

Sub headings of those points you’ve raised would be ideal, with an additional section for wider info. Sitters could then scan the key points and subsequently decide whether or not to read on, instead of having to scan long and sometimes convoluted epistles.

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Hi @Melouise, I think most sitters would agree with this. I’d like to suggest you ask a moderator to move it to the Owner Questions and Advice category so that it is brought to their attention although those on the Forum are highly likely providing this necessary information already.