Sitters! Please get back to HO. Please?!

It just feels as though things have really gone downhill on this site in recent years.
I’m sure it’s not the fault of the website. I think it is just overall lack of courtesy.
If you and a homeowner are talking about your doing a sit, could you please respond once you have shown interests?
I’m guessing I should just pay for a local sitter since I THS will pay for it since this is the result of a cancellation. I was trying to avoid that.
So frustrating.

It doesn’t sound like they’re that interested in sitting for you, tbh. Why not give the second person a chance, if you want to avoid paying for a local sitter?

how far out is your sit?

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  1. There are rude people among both sitters and hosts.

  2. With the holiday season, comms will tend to slow, because many folks are celebrating and relaxing, even if you aren’t.

  3. Always good to have a Plan B, whether you’re a host or sitter.

  4. If you’re not getting good sitters or many applicants, consider whether you can make your listing more appealing and/or more informative. Overall, demand for good sitters is higher than supply — we can all see that by the number of sits with low applications. Sitters tend to jump on the best sits. Sitters with strong track records have more choice than others, because they’re in demand among more hosts, including those with repeat sits. (Not that it’s OK for sitters or hosts to leave anyone hanging, or to flake on a host if a sitter finds a better sit.)

  5. When you talk with someone (whether host or sitter), it can be helpful to ask how long it will take them to get back to you, if you’re willing to wait.


Unfortunately comms is not always prompt between us all. Some people are courteous and some just aren’t. Just keep looking for sitters! They’ll be more out there and it is the midst of holiday time. Best of luck :raised_hands:t3: PS you now can’t cancel for a better sit @catdad as the overlap rule prevents it. #onebonus

Sorry to hear that a sitter has cancelled . If it was a last minute cancellation of a confirmed sit then THS may cover the costs of a paid sitter .

What reason did your first sitter give for cancelling ?

If a sitter is interested in the sit that starts in only a few days they would typically be quick to respond provided that they are currently in the same time zone as you .

Have you exchange phone numbers so that you can contact them outside of the THS platform ?
I hope you find a reliable replacement sitter soon .

Thanks everyone. I guess I needed to vent since this is so frustrating. I posted a month out and found a good sitter within a week. Unfortunately, they canceled due to finding a better sit which kinda left me in a lurch at that point. Now, I feel like I’m being strung along by another sitter.
I appreciate all your feedback.

They may be in discussion with a different homeowner. Or with a partner. Or with their own petsitter.

Frankly, sixteen hours is not a long time, unless your dates are really imminent. And then indeed, paying for a local sitter is a more solid solution.


Was the first sitter actually confirmed on your dashboard or did they withdraw their application before accepting the sit ?

Just that the new system doesn’t allow for a sitter to apply for another THS sit that overlaps with dates when they already have a confirmed sit .

If they withdrew their application then it wouldn’t count as a cancellation- so you wouldn’t be covered by the THS sit guarantee.

If it was a confirmed sit and the reason they gave was they found a better sit you can report them to member services as sits shouldn’t be cancelled by either party unless there are exceptional circumstance.

However if they hadn’t accepted the sit then this doesn’t apply .


Thanks. You’re correct. I guess it just FEELS long after waiting two days for the first reply. And. Yes, the timeline is getting close.
Again, I’m just beefing, I guess

Thanks. It was a confirmed sit.

Beefing? Had to look that up @catdad and I’m a wordsmith :rofl: #learnsomethingnew

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As it was a confirmed sit and the reason they gave was “they found a better sit” you can report them to member services as sits shouldn’t be cancelled by either party unless there are exceptional circumstance.

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Cancellation needs to be within 14 days or THS will not cover it.
Until a sit is confirmed on the sit, the sit isn’t confirmed.

The pace of response on both sides can be at a snails pace, I think that’s more of the culture of THS instead of being “rude”.

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@catdad sorry you had to go through this, it is indeed frustrating. Of course it goes both ways.

We always respond promptly so that the matter can move forward, whether we get chosen or not. Where we are particularly keen on a sit, even more so, because we don’t want to lose out on the sit by being tardy. I will be on the lookout for messages from the owner where we are in contact, so as not to miss anything! If there are decisions to be made, eg partner availability or flights, then I tell the owner to give us a day to get our ducks in a row, or however long we need - why is that hard?

So the truth is, where someone doesn’t seem too keen or is slow to keep you in the loop, too bad. Move on. They will soon learn to speed up or communicate better.


@Cuttlefish Oh, yes, there are many slang meanings for “beef.” I grew up on the West coast (USA), and we use the word “beef” in many ways.

What exactly is your beef (issue/problem)?
Quit beefing (complaining) and do something!
Did you beef one? (it stinks in here) :skunk:
Beef me (could be “give me some meat”)!

I am sure there are many more! Fun!

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Interesting. I feel this pain as a sitter waiting to hear from HO’s.
I have had HO’s take weeks to respond to an application. Yes, we could withdraw our application when they show so little incentive to communicate, but sometimes it’s the only iron we have in the fire.
I wish HO’s would respond more quickly.

I guess it’s just courtesy over all.


I was just going to state the same!! I’ve waited for a week to hear back from a HO several times. One HO and I had talked, she offered me the sit and I asked for a couple of days to think about it, because it was a really long sit. Three months! Two days later, I accepted the sit, and never heard from her again until I got a cancellation message from THS. She never told me why she canceled. It just made me scramble around to find some thing to cover three whole months. (I’m still working on it!)

I just wanted to say that the lack of communication thing happens for sitters too. :woman_shrugging: I think sometimes people just suck. I prefer dogs and cats. :sunglasses:


There’s some non-responsive sitters and pet parents on this site. Ugh. If only everyone on here would respond in a timely manner and keep their sit commitments.

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Your experience makes me wonder if the Owner did not renew her membership, so THS automatically cancelled her pending Sits. Another good reason to exchange phone numbers and email addresses immediately when a Sit is confirmed.

Do you have any way of contacting the Owner? I would try to contact her. Hmmm… :thinking:

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