Sitters who cancel

Thanks, I jumped the guns on the ones applying and then declining before being confirmed.

Yes read below please. I understand now about the unconfirmed ones. I’m new to this.

One said her Dad wouldn’t make it and was dying so yes understandable. The second ones wanted our house for longer than we were going to be away but after the interview they said they’d make it work so I invited them and they confirmed. Then a week later said they were cancelling because they found something that matched. They also told me that they were having trouble cancelling it so if I could decline them. Now I’m wondering if they did that so it doesn’t come back on them.

Sitters can’t initiate a cancelation as far as I know. The HO has to do it. Which most do quickly as they need to be able to confirm another sitter. No one should commit unless they intend to honor that commitment.

I’ve only been on the receiving end of the cancelation. The HO was in crisis so I contacted member services and they were able to cancel the sit before the start date.

Sounds like someone I wouldn’t want in my home or trust with my pet, ever.

For future reference, it’s best to keep all changes and requests for changes in writing. Even if someone says something to you instead of sending a written msg, you could write back and say something like, “OK, to recap our phone call, you’ve asked me to do X.” That way, you prompt them to reply in writing if they want the change or whatever.

With that approach, you’re better covered in case they try something weaselly later. Or if in good faith there’s some kind of miscommunication, you both have the written communications to refer back to.

But my first confirmed sitter cancelled.