How to withdraw an application

If you need to merge this no problem…i want to withdraw an application due to HO not responding after I sent follow-up message. It’s been over a week. Thanks in advance

@Catgoddess_99 , just click on the dates box again on your application- this will withdraw it and give you the option to leave a message telling the home host why you are withdrawing

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Go to your sits
All dates and updates
And you’ll see the option to cancel

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In the app you just have to go on inbox, scroll up to the dates and cancel your application.

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I think I would be best if you send the message after you cancel. Often times the HO will miss it if you send it before.

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I wouldn’t even bother leaving a message if the home owner hasn’t responded to your two messages. I’m still following a sit I applied to on 16 July with no response. I just withdrew with no message. However, maybe it would be a good idea to let the owner know the reason for withdrawal - lack of response. You might find that prompts a reply :grinning:

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I just told them something else came up, without going into detail. Short and simple.

I sent them a brief message explaining the reason. I can’t be bothered with unreliable people, since I’m just the opposite.

That’s great. If more sitters do that maybe home owners will start replying promptly and won’t leave us hanging for days.


I routinely withdraw my application if HOs don’t reply promptly. In multiple cases, they’ve immediately replied and asked me to sit, including offering date flexibility in some cases. I’ve declined each of those. I figure if they’re less motivated than I am about nailing things down, I can match with better fits among HOs.

In one irrational case, a HO (who wanted someone who knew the area) msg’d me with less than two weeks before an international sit to ask whether I was still available, because they’d just gotten to reviewing applicants.

For the price of even inconvenient last-minute airfare with multiple stops, I could instead book my own vacation with a hotel, without the responsibilities of sitting anyone’s home or pets. And I could choose a better neighborhood and time at my convenience, LOL.

I not only know the area well; I also speak the language.

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How do you withdraw an application? Is there some other lingo for this function? I am not confirmed as sitter, just have had someone else take the spot. When I ask Frankie he is clueless and when I use the search magnifying glass it doesn’t help.
I’m new to this, Please help so I don’t waste a HO’s time.
Thanks, margaret

Not needed. Figured it out.

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I’d say sure, if they would book your flights :slight_smile:

Has the ability to Withdraw once confirmed gone?

I’m planning 6-9 months out and sometimes things have to change as a long overseas trip evolves and a location no longer makes sense.

I hate to let people down but with a long lead time I know another fabulous sitter will be able to help.

If the feature has gone I’d suggest brining back up until say 3 months before. To allow for trip changes. Especially as we can’t apply to other sits when we are confirmed.

I’ve been a sitter for 5 years and as far as I’m aware sitters have NEVER had the option to withdraw/cancel a confirmed sit. I believe you can only cancel your application BEFORE confirming- which we do when the host takes too long to respond or we get another sit. Twice we wanted to withdraw from confirmed sits and we asked the hosts to manually unconfirm us. In both cases there was plenty of time before the sits and the hosts quickly got new sitters. But we’d never back out if it was too close to the sit & would cause the host stress. Unless its an emergancy.
If you do confirm a sit far ahead and have a change of plan you do need to consider the consequences for the host before doing so.


I am not aware that this was ever an option - THS T&Cs state that a sit should not be cancelled by either party unless there is an exceptional circumstance

“a sit must only be cancelled if both you and the other member agree, or if there are any extraordinary circumstances. If this is not the case and you cancel outside of these terms, an investigation may take place that could result in disciplinary action against your membership.”

Also as a sitter who plans ahead and has sits confirmed up to Nov 24 …I don’t want a HO to cancel a confirmed sit simply because they have had a change of mind . The option to do this would cause a lot of disruption to my travel plans for the year. I expect a HO to honour the agreement of a confirmed sit . Likewise I will honour all confirmed sits and not ditch one if I see something “ better “ come along.

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In my 9 years with THS, the ability to withdraw an application after confirmation has not been an option a sitter can do @josaunders. As others have stated, a cancellation must be for extraordinary reasons. Many of us plan months in advance and choose wisely so we can honour our commitment.


When a sitter decides to withdraw an application after they have applied, is the homeowner still able to read their application?

@Globetrotter Yes. I had that case the other day.

Thanks. I’ve only withdrawn a couple of times and I wasn’t contacted by the owners to ask the reason for my withdrawal so wasn’t quite sure.

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