Withdrawing an application

How do I withdraw an application when the HO is on “review”? I applied for 2 sits on the same dates & 1 has got back to me & offered me the sit so I need to withdraw on the other but there seems to be no way of doing this. I’m using the app on my phone
Thanks in advance

Hi @Crazydoglady
If you go to your dashboard on the app you should see sits applied for. Click on the sit you want to withdraw from. It should give you the option to withdraw your application. Need to confirm it. Hope that helps?


Thanks Rich

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Oh no I’m not able to withdraw my application while the HO has the sit on review :slightly_frowning_face: it’s been on review for a while now. I hope I can send a message to notify them I’ve been accepted for another sit

Hi @Crazydoglady I think you need to click on the ‘date square’ and not the actual message to withdraw an application

Hi @Crazydoglady you just need to go on the dialogue page with the relevant host. Scroll up to the beginning of your application till you see the sit dates at the top. Then just click cancel.
We did that the other day when we confirmed a sit and another host was still reviewing applications

And please make sure you advise the pet parent as to why so they understand the urgency of making decisions. Simply a thank you and the fact you were selected for another sit while waiting will suffice.

I agree that if you withdraw an application because you have been offered another sit you should send a short message out of courtesy.
I don’t think it is the sitter’s responsibility to mention the urgency of the homeowner making a decision. It is patronising and some homeowners are not even aware that they don’t have to choose a sitter from the first five applicants.
Important decisions about who cares for your home and pets should not be rushed.

Thanks for the help & advice. I have sent a nice polite message ( not patronising) to the homeowner who was very nice & thanked me for letting her know I had been offered another sit for the same dates.
Happy Pet Sitting everyone :heart_eyes::dog: