Slow response from home owner

We apply the same way you do.
We are not full time pet-sitter so we apply when we really want to go. We always apply only once sit at a time and wait for an answer before applying to another one. It can take more than 2 days to get an answer.
We are sometime disappointed not to be chosen but always find another listing appealing to us…
We “only” do 6 to 8 sits a year.

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How long in advance do you book the house sits, ‘know mad’ ?

Pre Covid we booked well in advance, 6 months to a year. We would map out various regions of the world where we wanted to travel and apply for sits that would drive our itinerary in those regions.
Now that we’ve been riding out Covid in New Zealand for the past 18 months, we look month or two ahead. But that can all change in an instant.


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