Slow response from home owner

I wonder if anyone else has had this experience.
The home owner for whom I will be sitting from Friday is very, very slow at responding to queries. On one occasion she didn’t respond for weeks.
I have been sent an address postcode, but not an address.
Contact details are inside the house.
I have asked for an address and she has my email and phone number, but so far I have not received these (she is now away).
I’ve asked THS if they can contact her on Thursday (If I do not hear back), but THS are also very,very slow to respond these days (also taking weeks to respond to the last query).
Does anyone have any suggestions … ?
Thank you !

Hi Bridget
This is a difficult one! I had one ho leave it very late to answer my request for their address and wondered what I’d do also. I also find TH very slow in responding, although Angela and Vanessa are very quick on the forum.
I think you’ve done everything you can. If you don’t have an address you can’t really housesit. I’m assuming there are no pets if the ho is now away? How do you get into the house?


Hi Smiley,
That is what I have been wondering (how do I get into the house …).
I am looking after 2 dogs (!).
Anyway, I have found a phone number buried in amongst past messages, and have now sent a text. At least I feel thats a more direct way of contacting her.
I fear this may be a challenging sit, but will just have to do my best !
Thanks for your message :slight_smile:

Who’s looking after the dogs between now and Friday? I’m a bit confused……
Good luck with the text.

I have no idea, and I know it sounds cruel but this is not my problem …
I feel I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying to sort things out, and i do feel a little worried now.
I think there are relatives who are looking after the dogs at the moment, so it is true that they could continue with care …
This has never happened to me before (!)

Is there a place for a ‘Welcome Pack’ within a profile ? I can’t find one, though I know other sites provide this.

All my instructions (including directions to the house (?)), are in there.
Just reading back.
No response to the text as yet.

Will let you know how it goes … (I’m now worried about a poor review !).

I think you’ve done all you can and that it’s up to the owner to contact you and TH to confirm they’ve tried to contact her, but that may take a while…You have the option to request a welcome guide but a lot of owners prefer to do their own, print it out and leave it as they don’t like the format of the TH one.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware I could ask for a Pack.
She says she’s written one, but I can’t see it posted anywhere.

I’m almost hoping it falls through now, as this has kind of spoilt things …

Never mind !
Thanks for your reassurances.

If you go to your dashboard it will show your upcoming sits, and this should be top. You’ll see it there. I only use the website though, as have never had any luck with the app so no idea where on the app it is if you’re using that

It sounds like you are doing everything possible at this point. I have no idea why the homeowner would not promptly send you the information that you need to locate the house and have a successful sit. Hopefully, you are not traveling very far. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Nothing to be seen there.
I don’t use the app (no room on my phone).

I think it’s a ‘wait and see’ situation.

Thank you.
Me neither (!)
Its all been very disjointed - but I also think THS should be much more speedy given the amount we pay them (I have said that directly, so am not complaining behind their back).

Must get on now.
Thank you very much for your reply !


I’ve taken a look under the postcode and it looks like I’ll be able to find the house (hopefully).
‘Only’ 45mins from home, and I was going to pick up a shopping order on my way, so I think I’ll risk it and drive over, hoping I can find the place.
Here’s hoping !

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I’ve taken a look under the postcode and it looks like I’ll be able to find the house (hopefully).
‘Only’ 45mins from home, and I was going to pick up a shopping order on my way, so I think I’ll risk it and drive over, hoping I can find the place.

Here’s hoping !

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Hi @BridgetC Welcome to the forum I’m sorry you are having difficulties contacting your owner I am going to DM you for more details …

Thank you


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The update is that HO and I have now made contact, and I feel like a weight has been lifted.
I didn’t request a welcome pack (have never done that before).
After doing that I was able to view the one the HO had posted, and it contains all the necessary information.

Thanks very much for your help everyone.


@BridgetC Thank you so much for the update and so glad it’s all work out successfully, have a great sit.

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So glad you finally made contact. Let’s hope the HO is quicker to respond in the future

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But the HO gave all her details in the Welcome pack, so she did respond.
That’s how it works.
And when a sit is confirmed, you receive an email which says something like
“Congratulations on your sit, now request a welcome pack”

?? I don’t understand.


First of all I didn’t receive confirmation of the sit (organised back in April) until a week ago.
Secondly, I didn’t receive a Welcome Pack which I was told would be sent.
I then requested it, and it appeared on my dashboard a little later.
Thirdly, with 3 days to go I had no address.

The HO has said she found the site difficult to navigate, which is fair enough. I was, however, becoming very worried.

BUT it is all sorted now (ie old news with updates posted for those who tried to offer suggestions at the time)

I hope you now understand :wink:


As a compulsively organized sitter couple, this would worry me. Unless it was the host’s first sit, I’d message them “I need closer communication or will have to back out” – I’d feel uncertain that the sit would actually happen, and would want to look for another.

If this sit DOES happen and it’s not the host’s first or second, you should suggest in your review “get firm communication established early.” We always ask for regular email and phone as soon as sit is agreed. A lot of folks will stop looking at THS as soon as they think the deal is made, and half of them are the “last minute is OK” sort of folks.

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