So so many sits not being filled

@Shirl your individual circumstances doesn’t negate the fact that @Debbie-L 's statement is true. I’m one of thousands of sitters who are actively looking for sits. It is also true that owners often no longer get the influx of applications that they had in the past. However, as we all know, our world has changed dramatically over the past few years and we all - sitters and owners - have to adjust with the times.

Successful owners realize they now have to put more effort into their listings to attract sitters. Photos are key and yet many owners continue to post with minimal or no photos provided. For many sitters, that means a solid pass without giving it any more attention. Owners also post giving no indication of how much free time a sitter will have. After all, it must be a win-win for all concerned if it is to be beneficial and enjoyable by all involved.

As I’ve said, owners need to be more proactive than in the past. For instance, some owners are inviting sitters, rather than solely waiting for applications. I would suggest you add your listing into your forum username/profile to give it more exposure and perhaps gain valuable feedback from experienced sitters and owners.

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