Solo full time petsitter - looking to couple up!

So here’s the thing… I’ve been full time TH sitting for 4 years now and everything has been really great! I’ve a huge list now of regular clients and am fully booked until the end of this year (and have already been asked back for 2022). I have only 5 star reviews (53 of them when last checked). I’m also a TH Lifetime Member (meaning I won lifetime membership to the website - yeah!)

Only health wise my elderly mum (78) is deteriorating and we are starting the process of what sadly looks like dementia. For this reason overseas sits are now pretty much out of the question for me and I am really only looking at sits that are less than a 2 hr drive away to my mum’s home (in Kent) should she need me.

So I was wondering if anyone wished to couple up (man or woman) and sit as a couple - this would at least give me the flexibility to rush to my mum’s aid should she need me and not have the worry that I’m letting a HO down.

I would generally like to keep the sits in the South / South East region - though I do have a regular in Wales (on the beach) In Feb and again in Sept, that I will uphold, as the dog and I have a REAL bond.

Obviously I would like to meet you and it’s going to be a bigger discussion that just what I have written here - but I thought I’d at least give it a whirl and see what response I get!

A bit about me - I am a 48, a graphic designer, likes cooking and eating healthy and my dog walks generally tend to be long and adventurous! I love walking about 12km a day on a dog sit if the dog(s) is up for it of course!! I eat everything in moderation (organic if poss), drink in moderation and even have the odd cigarette when on a walk (never in someone’s home). I’m pretty nuts about animals, and much of my graphic work is animal related too.

You can read/see more about me here:


What a wonderful idea and selfless kind gesture. Though at the moment I am not a match for you I wish you all the very best in your endeavors and extend my very best to you and your mum during this time in your lives.


Hi Clare,
I’d imagine you’d be overwhelmed with responses. I’d certainly be interested in talking things over with you.
My own mum had dementia and for two or three years my life was chaos. I had to sell her house to pay for her care and that crushed me. So I hear you.
I’m from South Wales but a teacher in Hertfordshire, returning to South Wales and my little stretch of coastline on retirement next July!
I would add that I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I always try to take him with me on sits. It’s worked well so far.
Happy to chat xxxx. Laura.

Hi Laura - well your response is the first! So not inundated yet! LOL. I’m so sorry to hear about your mum too - it’s really a terrible disease (and the only one that you pay for your treatment “care” yourself - but that’s another conversation!).

South Wales is lovely! But tbh I’m not looking to couple up with someone that already has a pet - as there’s just too many variables / scenarios that can come with that and I already know that many of my regular clients would not wish for me to bring my own dog.

That said - I would love you to send me a DM via IG @claresitsdogs - as I would love to refer my client in Wales to someone should I not be able to continue sitting for them (being so far away).