Standard Membership

I have a Standard Membership and was just reading through what this offers. It appears to include the following among other things (I quote from the website)

"We’ll also contact you during a sit to make sure everything is running smoothly."

Question is, has anyone received a contact during a sit? We have done two now and there has been nothing except a reminder to clean at the end of the first sit and nothing during or at the end of the second. I am not particularly bothered to receive contact but if it isn’t happening it should be removed from the list of benefits of the Standard and Premium membership.
Or perhaps there is a glitch in my membership and / or profile?

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Never ever been contacted to make sure everything is running smoothly. Sounds good in theory.

Never, ever been contacted during a sit except for the auto-message to start cleaning up before the HO returns!

Hello @LizBCN I’ve checked this with the wider team. It appears that in practice this function proved unpopular with sitters as they preferred not to be contacted during a sit. Thank you very much for raising the point that it hasn’t yet been removed from the website as a feature of the membership - the team now have this scheduled for action, so we should see a change soon. Thanks again, Vanessa

Ah great thanks. For me it wasn’t an issue as it really doesn’t seem necessary as you say. I just wondered if it was something I should be receiving! Thanks for passing this on so that the site can be updated.


And thank you for spotting!! Have a lovely day.

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