Oooh L👀k! This is New

Browsing all the latest sits as usual and first there was a period of crazy behaviour, page not loading, “oops, something went wrong”. Now that I’ve resumed, there’s a new little tab on listings without dates…


Oh, I like that!! Thanks for posting it!

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Yay! Now this is one new feature I hope they’ll keep.


Is that not the same as adding a sit to your favourites?


I assume so @Els.

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On my own, I found this new feature intresting. It gives the possibility to see all the past or current opprtunities to sit in a desired place. So you can put a sit in your favorites even without current dates and to be notified when the listing is published with new dates.
It seems to me it was announced a while ago.
But, I only have this possiblility on the web site and not on the app


I thought that was always possible - I use the web not the app


Does this actually happen? With the number of sits it must be very time consuming.
I am a ‘basic’ member so have never received a phone call during a sit.

A long, long time ago, in a distant land…
I think back in late 2018 while I was still in the US I got a couple of calls from “Angela”. I was so confused thinking it was an HO and wondering how she got my number…
Brain cells clicked and then I realized it was our own Angela.
Not sure if it is still a current practice.

Hi @Twitcher … I reached out to Paul - Head of MS, and he came back to report this:

When we introduced the new membership tiers, we began to call all new Standard and Premium members to offer assistance setting up their profiles. The answer rate from these calls was incredibly low so we reverted to sending improved profile advice via email. And of course the team are more than happy to spend time on the phone helping anyone who requests it.

A similar thing happened with calling sitters mid-sit and the feedback was that our phone calls were slightly intrusive. Therefore we implemented a post sit survey where we allow members to leave feedback regarding the sit and we offer to call anyone who would like to be called.

Hope that helps, but as you mention, the extra assistance is only available to standard and premium members. Membership services can be contacted any time at

Update … have also just heard that this is going to be updated to reflect this information :slight_smile:

So many many people will ‘save’ this listing and be notified… but you still have to beat them all to apply. Remember, only 5 applicants get a chance to apply. Doesn’t matter how many people save this listing and get notified… it’s still a race to be once of the lucky ‘first 5’.

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