Standard response time when invited to a sit

Hi we are new to sitting. Is there a standard response time when you’ve been invited to a sit? We are trying to finalize our vacation so I’m not quite sure if we are free on the dates requested. Thanks you.

Generally as soon as you can is best. Even if you just respond with the fact that you’re still finalizing your vacation so you’re not sure of your dates. I respond to every message I get as soon as I see it. But I don’t always see them right away so sometimes it’s a few days or even weeks later that I see the message.

Hi @ElsP and welcome to the forum. Response time - for both sitters and homeowners - is based on being as courteous and respectful as possible. It means that everyone has a different idea of what’s acceptable, so there is no standard. There’s the classic idea of treating others the way you’d like to be treated, and on THS, the key word is communication. It’s best to give a prompt response and give a realistic idea of where you’re at and why.

One consideration is whether you get a sense that you are the only sitters being invited, or that the homeowner has reached out to various sitters. That makes it a little different. Either way let them know where you’re at, but they may not be relying solely on you for a response.

I reply as soon as I can.
I have been in a similar situation as you’ve described.
I explained to the HO that I liked the look of the sit but at the moment I have no concrete plans.
I offered to favourite the listing and keep an eye out for it closer to the time or when I had decided my whereabouts over the dates listed.

Thank you.