How quick would you expect reply from Sitter

Hello new to forum hope you can help.
Posted my first listing 2 days ago, lots of photos, info etc. It’s in UK for end of Feb, i’ve had no takers yet and having “reached out” as the website suggests to about 15 sitters I’ve only heard back from 5 who aren’t available (calendar was white I understand green is best though)
Advice on the following would be helpful:

How quickly would you expect a response to an email invite?
Should I invite local sitters or those a bit further away?
As it’s the UK and end Feb am I unlikely to find someone ie as it’s not the best time for weather in the UK?

Any other thoughts welcome, I haven’t booked holiday yet as I don’t want to end up without a sitter so dates are somewhat flexible.



Hello and welcome. Response time to emails varies on the site, just as it does in our own lives. Some respond within minutes, whereas others take days. Those who take longer to respond sometimes miss out on opportunities.

If you would like feedback on your listing, given it’s your first one, I suggest you add it to your forum profile. That way people can perhaps give you feedback that might be helpful.

As for timing and weather, the variety of sitters and their likes and dislikes is endless. I don’t think you should be disheartened by those factors. During the pandemic, there are any number of reasons why responses and applications might be slow. One hint I’ll share is not to accept someone you’re not comfortable with just because no one else has applied. Make sure it’s a good fit for everyone involved, as it’s so important.

I hope all goes well for you.


Hi @Bvly welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, @Snowbird has given some great advice and feedback … your home is lovely, location is great and Jasmine & Freddy will make the most delightful company for any sitter, these are different times and as Snowbird has said this is effecting response and commitment rates.

I know the need to have pet care in place is uppermost in any owner’s mind, once we know our pet family members care is assured other aspects of travel plans can be the focus.

There is still time to find the right sitters for your pets and home and as Snowbird says adding the listing to your forum profile will give other members access …

Welcome again and if you need any information or the answers to any questions our members will be happy to help, you’ll also find great articles on the website blog.

Angela and the Team

Our experience: our first THS sit (In the USA’s Pacific NW) was posted 9 days ago. There have been NO applications yet. In addition, I have been reaching out to sitters who have calendars marked green (“available”) but not one of the 10 has accepted an invite to explore our sit further. That we are new to THS and do not have any reviews yet probably doesn’t help.

It is taking an average of ~3-4 days to people to decline the invitation. Five of the 10 sitters have yet to respond at all, even after 5 days. There seem to be several reasons behind this, incl. sitters simply not checking their email or else trying to decide if their other commitments preclude a sit right now.

This is apparently not terribly unusual, especially in these uncertain times. I have been advised via this forum that there may be more interest as our March sit draws closer and people are better able to plan. I’m going to continue reaching out. I hope my experience helps – I don’t know how typical it is, but is certainly has some commonalities with yours. Best of luck with your search!

Thanks MtnSk8wtr guess we’ll both have to keep plugging away, and hope! Makes it difficult to plan though as obviously no sitter no holiday.
Good luck

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Hello Snowbird and thank you for your reply, I’ve had a look how I can add my listing to my profile but couldn’t see how I’m on my phone so will have another look on my iPad as it seems easier to navigate the website on that. My husband said the same about email replies ie just because I’d reply straight away doesn’t mean other people will/can :laughing:

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We usually reply within a few hours (even if we should decline a sit). But others might take longer and perhaps not check their inbox very frequently. We very often don’t get replies when we decline an invitation. We also use the THS app and get notified that way. We (as sitters) use multiple platforms, although THS is definitely a good one. It might also help to let the support team push up the listing, if it’s not recent.

Ok thanks for your reply Timmy

Invites are delivered to my personal email box that I check throughout the day. I reply as soon as I see it and the HO, up until now, have always thanked me for my prompt reply.

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I always reply as soon as I see the invite - whether or not I can do the sit. I guess in the same way that some HO’s take their time to reply to applications, some sitters take their time to respond to invitations.

Have you a link to your ad?


I also reply within a few hours and, as others have said, usually receive a thank you for my prompt reply.