Star system rate : interrogations

Trust is essential, everybody agrees on this forum. I guess owners look at sitters’ profiles before taking any decision but like also to read reviews. It’s much better to read them all as the star rate system does not seem totally reliable.

Some sitters have got an average 5 stars when obviously the global note could have been lowered…

I’ve been a little moved when watching a sitter’s profile (obviously very experienced with many sits) I noticed that among owners who gave 5 stars, others - lately- gave that couple only 1 or 2 stars, and precised why.

Nevertheless the score is still 5 stars. How strange !!

I could understand why some HO were not pleased or really cross but my question is : how the average amount of stars is calculated ?

Hi @Candide - I asked this question recently - you can see the response here -


Hi @Candide and thanks for sharing a very valid question. I’m going to tag the response from Ben on the post that @Colin mentioned which will explain how it works.

I have removed the information that could identify the sitters as we do ask that forum members do not post anything that will identify another member for privacy reasons. Thank you for your understanding. All the best, Vanessa

I don’t see how sitters could be identified, as I did not mention their name, their nationality, the country where they sat and the names of the owners.

Don’t you think the reasons given by owners to only rate 1 or 2 stars were interesting enough for the community ??

I do understand, however posting their review text verbatim would enable them to identify themselves. Because this is a public forum for both owners and sitters where all comments can be seen by anyone across all categories, we do have a responsibility as admins to protect privacy, as we would absolutely do for you too if if happened in reverse. All the best, Vanessa

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however posting their review text verbatim ? i did NOT copy, I did sum up HO long reviews…