Suggestion to find sit opportunities at Frank LL Wright architecture locations

Hi everyone :heart_eyes:
Greetings From Italy

I am going soon to have my postpandemic hsit in Uk and I am very greatfull for it!!! I am celebrating it with you ! :star_struck:
I am writing also because I was wandering if I could ask a question and sorry if this is not the proper space I am new here!!!.
I am travelling from September to specific locations in USA, places located close the Frank Lloyd Wright`s masterpieces. I do not know if there is a proper way to ask to owners to find house sitting opportunities in those areas. Looking for locations simply as usual or writing a proper title in my dashboard ? Any suggestion is appreciated !!! thank you and have a great amazing summer!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Easy — just look up Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, here’s a site that lists them, although it has ads, Locations of Frank Lloyd Wright Sites and search for sits listed in these cities. To find out how close a home is, in your interview with the HO, you can ask for their cross streets.


Dear Mars
Thank you for your suggestion and your time answering me !!! :blush:, I know several locations of FL W because I have visited already those expecially the Falling water house near Pittsburgh. My point was more to find specific house sitting in those areas cause I have to be there for at list few days. Thank you anyway

@ahuifra Generally speaking, sitters search listings; it’s less often that homeowners search sitter profiles. You could add the details at the start of your sitter profile, but I don’t think it won’t be sufficient to achieve what you’ve mentioned.

You may want to consider setting up saved searches. If you have a basic membership, you can only do three. Given how many states have FLW homes, you will be limited. If you have standard or premium, then you have unlimited searches. You could set up a search for each city and the date range. On the app, you could also favourite locations from now until September for listings in relevant cities. Then you would be notified on the app of any subsequent listings. However, it seems like a lot of work to me.

If you want to know how to do saved searches and favourites, you can go to the help section on the main website and key in those words and the instructions will be available.

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Dear Snowbird

thank you for yor advices , I will follow your suggestions cause I have the premium profile , in fact is not easy what I have mentioned, but I will try. Glad that there are people kind and generous to answer !!!
thank you again


@ahuifra congratulations on your first post pandemic UK sit and good luck with your FLLW searches why are you doing that journey? … It sounds very research driven.

Incidentally you have left me with Simon & Garfunkel’s song “So long Frank Lloyd Wright” - going around in my head, perhaps it will be be my night time, soothing music interlude.

Thank you @Snowbird

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@Angela-CommunityManager I had never heard that song before, and I’m from ‘that era’. I have now, thanks to YouTube. I know just about every Beatles song there is though, as my older brother played them over and over and over … :notes: :notes: :notes: Sweet dreams, Angela :sleeping:


Dear Angela
now the song is in my head also !!! soo soon so soon … :musical_note:
I have published already an article about my research on FLL W and the influence of Native American Culture in his architecture. I could send the English online version if interested. I am writing a more extended paper about it and eventually publish it. I am an independent researcher so I was looking for to make this purpose of mine to be finally possible !!Facilitating my trip using the great opportunities of house sitting cause I like houses in general and pets, with the focus on staying longer in the locations to study the houses and be inspired to write… etc etc etc
probably you are already in the dream limbo …I wish you a very good night

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It’s a good song :musical_note: to have in the mind but hopefully not “harmonising until dawn” :wink:

Please forward the article and thank you that’s very thoughtful … perhaps via Direct Message or I will DM you my email address.

Good night ladies … :zzz::pray::yawning_face:

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@anuifra you should definitely add Florida Southern College to your list. Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture at Florida Southern - Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL
The college is actually the largest single-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in the world. The college is located in Lakeland, Florida which is between Tampa and Orlando. There are plenty of sits for those two large cities and occasionally sits in Lakeland, Florida. A forum member from Lakeland was looking for a pet sitter but I think her dates were for June.

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Dear Buny cat
thank you for yuor time and your suggestions, in fact you are right the campus there is one of his big work, I am familiar with St,Peterborough in the area and that one is for certain a place to visit. Thank you again
have a wonderful summer!

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