We want to sit during last week of August

Myself and my little family are really wanting to do sit before the kids go back to school. there just aren’t any listings that fit. Is there a way of reaching out somehow that I don’t know about?
I have set up a saved search. I have favourited all the listings I can find for the area, even when they have no dates listed. I have put a little blurb at the top of our profile to say where we are looking and when.
We are being specific because we are thinking of relocating to this area and we would like to explore it a bit, and have some fluffy companions to keep us company for the week.
is there anything else I can do to reach out to relevant homeowners?

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@AllyMac You should perhaps also add that blurb to the start of your Our Experience section as, for me at least, that section is currently displaying first when I look at your profile on the website and the app. I know it’s not logical to relate it to your experience, but if you want it to be viewable at the start, that seems to be a workaround option.

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Hi @AllyMac,
I’m afraid only HO’s can see sitter details on THS and not the other way round. So the only way to contact a HO is to apply for a sit.
I’m not sure what area or how big an area it is but some locations get few sit requests or seasonal requests.
Good luck.

Ah, good spot. Thank you @Snowbird I did not intuitively think to look under the Our Experience section, but you are absolutely right. I have changed that bit too.

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