Tricks for Finding Sitters

Hi there, I’m a home owner and would really like any tips on finding a sitter, I’m a planner and would really like to have things lined up before I travel. I have a couple sits coming up that I need to get lined up, but have had NO applications, is there a trick to making it more appealing for sitters? I have an average home and a couple dogs & a cat, so nothing extraordinary. Should I be reaching out with invitations locally or regionally or ?? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My August sit is not a show stopper as I’ve rented a place that allows me to take my dogs, but my October sit is a must. I’m also not sure how to make my individual dates unique, for example, I’m leaving my car in Oct, but not in August, but I just get to put in dates, I don’t know how to make each date unique. Any helpful advice is much appreciated. Thanks very much folks.

@Myka are you able to add your THS home listing to your forum profile so members can view your listing and help you further?

Here is how:

We can also add it for you, just drop a message here and me or another Mod can get that added for you :slight_smile:

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I think I did it, thank you for that tip. Appreciate it. Hopefully others will chime in about how to find sitters… I’ve reached out to a few, but they are all busy, I guess I should continue inviting others, but I wanted to see if there are ways that could help.

Your listing looks really nice. My family actually just left the Portland area but if we wanted to be there, I would apply. Well actually it’s not listed as family friendly so we wouldn’t apply, but if I were to ever do solo I would apply

Thank you for the tip @IHeartAnimals, I changed my listing to non-smoking for sure and regarding the family friendly option, I would want to discuss, I have a stairwell & members would need to be old enough they would not tumble down. So maybe I should say contact if you want to bring family?

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Sitters cannot contact you without applying. Just because you say family friendly doesn’t mean everyone applying are all young children. My 3 kids are all high schoolers. You could just mark the family friendly and just see who applies. Then during the phone or video call let them know anything that is important to you and see if they are a fit

Good point, I think I changed it, like I said, I’m new here, so still learning.

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October is still pretty far out. You should be receiving applications during the next month or so.

I have seen listings that say family friendly but not suitable for under xx ( age) due to open stairs ( or whatever hazard ) so you could state that specifically if you wish to .

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I have a sit in August too, so that is the one I’m concerned about right now…