HO looking for house sit, not pet

I believe this subject came up in the past, but is there a way to request sit for home/plants only?

We’re going somewhere in August for a long weekend and taking our dog with us, but we need help with having plants to be looked after.
We have a week in November when we need someone to look after him and our home.
What section would be a good idea to specify this on our page for the different dates? We’re still reviewing applications for November, so I want to avoid confusion as much as possible.

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@wendy_chicago , mention in your listing that the August sit is for house and plants only, that you’ll be taking your dog with you. I think that’s all you have to do, and I don’t think you’ll have any problem finding a sitter. Btw, your dog is adorable!!


On my side there is a filter. I just completed a 2 week sit just watering the garden because they went camping with their dogs

@IHeartAnimals This is perfect. Thank you!

wait, it didn’t let me remove my pet on the new dates for August and I tried from my phone app. Tried both on the app and browser.

Hi @wendy_chicago , that’s why I didn’t suggest it. You need to leave Dogs as a search category because you still need care for your dog in November. If you simply state in your listing that you only need care for your house and plants for your August sit at the beginning of your listing, that should be enough.

The other alternative is that you remove your dates for November and only advertise your August dates. Then you can check off No pets. After you have selected your sitter for August, you can then repost your November dates and select Dogs.


@wendy_chicago We did a sit in the UK which had no petcare- the house was being renovated and one part was not secured so they just wanted a presence at the house for security as they were away 12 days. In the listing they showed a picture of the dog but specified those particular dates were home protection only as the dog (a young puppy) was going to family members.

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Thank you, this is all great info. Very helpful.

I was able to just specify in our about me section, so sitters could see which dates and all of our applicants were aware when they applied.

Unfortunately, because our trip is less than a week and we’re flying in a small plane that doesn’t allow us to bring him as a carry-on (he’s a mini Maltese so he meets most planes’ carry-on requirements). However, we did receive a handful of great candidates, and they’re all very interested in looking after our pooch, which is also a relief!


He looks totally adorable!!! :heart:

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