Vacationing with my pet

Hi there - we have an upcoming trip camping and so will be taking our dog with us. So I would like to find a sitter to cover the rest of the pets that will remain at the house. Is there any way to indicate in my date listing that the dog will be coming with us and not need care? I don’t want to delete the dog and have to put it back later. Seems like it would be a nice feature to be able to include a note for specific date listing!

You could just put it in the title @PNWBernerMom - would that work? What other pets do you have?

I just completed a sit where my host had made other arrangements for her dog and we just took care of her home and cat. She changed the title to reflect that the sit was just for the cat and also mentioned it in the very beginning of her posting and also put a note in the responsibilities section that the current would not involve dog care. Next time she needs a sitter, she would just need to make minor changes to the posting if dog care was needed too.


We did a sit this year and the PP took their two dogs with them. The just changed the title and told me to ignore everything related to the dogs in the welcome guide. I gardensat

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