Advertising a housesit for just a cat when dogs will be holidaying with HO

My profile shows that I have 2 dogs and a cat. We are due to go away in September with our dogs and I just need someone to look after my cat - how can I advertise this in my date listing? Or should I just message sitters who are only interested in cat sitting? TIA

Hi @joscorer. Welcome to our community. I’m glad you found us! As a sitter I’ve seen lots of listings for just some of the pets. Generally they’re RV’ers who take the dog(s) with them when they RV, leave them at home with the cat(s) when they fly. That’s not unusual.

Some pet parents doing this add a first line to their listing explaining that this sit is just for the cat. Others just update the first paragraph or two of the listing description to indicate who will stay at home. Either way works.

You will lose some sitters who filter for just cats that way. If you want to be included in “just cats” filter results, remove the dog indicator from your listing. I don’t know if that means you’ll need to actually remove the descriptions of your dogs, or if there’s just a checkbox for the dog indicator. Hopefully a pet parent will chime in with what’s required to do that.

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your speedy response, I will look into changing the first line and hope that works! Great advice!