How can I change the pets needing care on a listing

We have boosted a request for a sitter for our dog & cat for a trip later this year, but now would like to take a roadtrip with our dog and leave the cat at home with a sitter. We don’t know how to remove the dog from our profile. Any ideas? Thanks. -Arnie

Hi @WhiteNoise welcome to our community forum,

You can edit your listing within your dashboard, changing pets and updating the title and the copy to just advise sitters looking at your current sit that you are taking Ryder with you … you can edit the title also " Kitty Needs Care While We Travel & Play"

I have just confirmed a sit where the owners are taking their dogs and leaving their two cats for me to keep happy at home, what they did was include in their listing that sometimes it’s just the cats at home, I simply asked when I applied whether or not the dogs would be at home too and on this occasion they are going with Mom.

If you still need help after taking these steps we can get @Therese-Moderator to connect when she is back online.

Hi @WhiteNoise I have dm’d you, to go through specifics on your listing.
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I have two pets (dog and bunny), and we often take our dog with us on trips, so we only need someone to watch our bunny at home. Other times, we’ll leave him home and it becomes a two-pet sit.

I can’t seem to figure out how to just toggle-on one pet or the other, without fully deleting one pet from the system (and with that, all of the information/photos).

We have two trips coming up, fairly close together, and one sit will be bunny only, the other will be dog + bunny. Is there no way to set them up at the same time??? I would have to fully complete the first sit with the bunny before I even LIST the second sit (since wouldn’t adding the second pet mess up the first sit?).

I surely can’t be the only person who’s run into this situation…

I have a similar situation. I have a dog and a cat on my listing. My daughter sometimes has our cat, but we always have a dog at home. So, I list my home as a dog and cat home, but in my responsibilities section, I talk about the fact that the cat may or may not be there during this particular sit and I will let the sitter applicant know when we talk. Or, if I know for sure that the cat will be away during the current sit I’m “advertising” for, I will change my responsibilities section to say definitively that the cat will not be there. But you’re right, there is no toggle type switch, which would be nice. You do lose all the photos and information if you delete a pet from your listing, just for one sit.
In your Responsibilities section, you could state something like “For Sit #1 (with dates), it will be just bunny and for Sit #2 (with dates) it will be dog and bunny.”

Yeah seems like that’s the only solution right now?

I just think I’m limiting my listing in search, for my bunny-only sits, if I list both pets. Since a lot of people are looking for those “easier” sits without dogs. I definitely get more interest when I list with just my bunny.

Alas, I thought there was a hidden button for this purpose, but I suspect not :slight_smile:

I see what you’re saying about people looking for the “easier” sits. Maybe you could change your heading each time so that the first thing they see is something like “Bunny only for this sit; dog coming with us”. I know that doesn’t help when sitters search for listings with no dogs, but I would think that kind of sitter may be less prevalent.