Listing with changes in responsibilities

I am looking at a sit that shows one dog but in the responsibilities it lists two other dogs will be there as well. Tried to chat with THS about it but keep getting a virtual assistant (Frankie) that does not understand the issue. Can someone direct me please.

When you talk to the chatbot, Frankie, you can ask for a human instead. It will either then turn you over to one or, if they’re not on duty, relay your request and they usually reply promptly.

You also can email

Hi @Debbie-L as @Maggie8K mentioned you can request to ask to speak to a human when dealing with the chat bot or you can email and someone will get back to you.

@Debbie-L - the quickest way to find out is to click apply and ask the Home owner directly … if you contact THS member services they will have to contact the HO anyway .

We have done this for a listing that showed a cat icon but in the responsibilities said that a dog needed to be walked ??

You can say something like this …

“this is not a proper application…just yet’ please can you confirm how many dogs will be there during the sit as I notice the listing is only for one …but in the responsibilities sections you mention … two other dogs”

We also say we’ll apply properly once we have the answers.

In our case the HO replied that there was no longer a dog and the cat would be looked after by a family member so there were no pets to be looked after during the sit. With this information we applied “properly” and we were confirmed within the hour.

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Agree it’s probably easier to ask the homeowner if it’s a sit you’re interested in. Sometimes a pet has passed away but the owner isn’t ready yet to update the listing, which I totally get.

Some folks might just want to report a questionable sit to membership services and let them follow up, because they might not be interested in the sit, but think something is off.