Our Pet Won't Be Present for Just One Specific Sit - How Do We Get Applicants?

Hi! We normally travel and leave our adorable kitty behind to be cared for by THsitters, but this time we plan on taking our cat with us. The sit we are posting for would be without pet responsibilities but with some plant watering, etc. Is there any way we can “advertise” this associated with these specific sit dates, without changing our entire house profile and removing our cat from our profile just for this one sit? Or do we have to just wait for sitters to apply and tell them that our cat won’t be there and hope they are fine with it?

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Maybe mention it in your headline?

NO PETS, just housesitting

Or something mire elegant along the same lines.

And then explain the matter further in the description.


Put a sentence at the top of the listing that clearly states the date where there will be no pets.

It won’t be a problem


I am a cat sitter and I always forget about the no pet option - I just did a search and there are 4 at the moment.

I guess the only disadvantage to not changing your profile for that particular sit is that any sitters looking for a no pet option will not be able to search it wth the current filters.

Is it very complicated to adjust the HO profile with 1 cat?

As a homeowner, I’ve had to adjust my listing several times (death of a dog, new dog, daughter takes the cat to college, dog traveling with us, things like that) and yes, I believe the listing is very difficult to change. If you remove a pet, such as I had to do when my daughter took the cat to college, it just completely removed the pet. When the cat came home for the summer, I had to rebuild the cat’s portion of the listing, including the pictures and responsibilities. I wish the platform allowed for HO/PP’s to save those items to be used later. As most homeowners know, it’s very difficult to even print the Welcome Guide, to use later.

As a housesitter: I agree with @nocatsanddogs. Just put it in your headline: Just Housesit. No pets this time.

And a short explanation in the first paragraph.

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Agree with this. Just to add though - put the listing date that this applies to in the body of the text. Sometimes it’s clear that the title doesn’t relate to the currently offered sit and it gets confusing!


All good suggestions from the other members, however, in my opinion, if you don’t remove the cat’s description and photos, your profile will not show up for people who just want to do a sit without pets.

I’m assuming you should be able to copy, paste and save the description of your pet on your computer (to be easily added at a later date without needing to rewrite it), then delete such description from your profile, along with the photos. In doing so, it becomes a house only sit and will get more exposure.