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Just curious, anyone else as brave as we are and taken their teenagers along for housesitting adventures? We’ve been THS members since 2018 and been full time travelling since 2020 (yes, through covid)
We have a nearly 16 year old and nearly 12 year old along for the ride. Hoping to find a long term sit from Jan onwards or settle down so GCSE’s can be done without too much disruption.

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@Amy…hahaha…I wouldn’t be brave enough to take two teens…lol. Just kidding but I am sure there are many folks who have taken their families with them on sitting experiences. The easiest way to find those who would be search for sits that state “family friendly”. Just make sure when you apply for the sit, you do advise the potential homeowner of who all would be included in the sit. It is never a good idea to “surprise” a homeowner at the last minute with notice there will be extra folks staying in their home. Extra family members mean extra sleeping accommodations, and some homeowners may not have the capacity to sleep extra guests.

Good luck in your searches, and I look forward to hearing what other sitters have to say!

Have a great day!

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I house sit with my husband, our 6 year old, and my 17 year old sister who lives with us. There have been many homeowners who are open to having our family sit for them.

We are getting ready to do a 6 week sit in Pennsylvania, and a 7 week sit near Fort Worth, TX after that.


We housesit in our school holidays, and my sons are now 13 and 11. Most of the time we sit as a family of 4, but sometimes just myself and the boys. They are old enough to be helpful, and more pairs of hands mean we are able to care for more pets at once. We can walk 4 dogs. Earlier this year we cared for 23 pets in one sit (although 16 were chickens, ducks and geese).


The Housesitter that I have coming for a few nights next month is bringing her 3 children……19,14 and 10 I think…….her husband is staying at home to look after their animals!:blush:

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@Foldor13 I think I’d prefer the husband’s role in this case :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We have taken our then 13 year old and 5 year old on a Canadian sit. We do intend to take them on occasion but the next sit we are looking for it will just be us as the kids are going to overnight camp (hence the reason for the trip).

Hi @Emmeelue84 pet sitting is such a flexible travel lifestyle.

It’s great for family experiences or Mom and Dad’s alone time, in a home away from home and not in the confines of an impersonal hotel, add pet companionship and you have the recipe for a great sit experience.

Where are you hoping to go for your next sit and where was your Canadian family sit?

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We are on the hunt to Nashville currently, just submitted what seems like the perfect opportunity yesterday. Canada was for Alberta.