Thanks FUR The Memories

This is a lovely story, Angelo must have ALMOST as many pics as a TrustedHousesitter …

I have over 5 thousand just on my phone to delete would mean deleting memories … Is your phone (and heart) full of furry memories?

Speaking of pet pics thank you @Maryse, knowing how much we are all missing our furry friends and knowing how much I adore all dogs but have a very special place in my heart for Springers she sent me this lovely pic from her current pet sit with Zorro in San Diego CA … Thank you and welcome to the pack Zorro! :dog: :heart_eyes_cat:

Hi Angela, as Springers are “your breed” what do you think of this gorgeous quintet we had the pleasure of looking after? The photo is a bit dark as it was bedtime and they were tucked up in their den.)


Oh my word @Diggy, you had me with one … FOUR I would never leave. Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

Yes, every time I attempt a “pruning” of some of my pet photos, I chicken out because each one is slightly different and too precious to delete.
I wonder if other members have also found a new “favourite” breed of dog? My dogs were always border collies but thanks to THS a new breed has really found a place in my heart … the border terrier. (The word “favourite” is in inverted commas because, of course, I love them all!)

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Actually FIVE, Angela and what a joy they were. Sadly, now only three, the other two are now busy working Springers in doggy heaven … sigh …

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I always feel guilty for saying I have a “favourite” as I do love them all, and feel I’m contradicting my “I love ALL dogs” dog lovers pledge:))

Border Terriers are adorable, cheeky and so intelligent.

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Well said, my “favourite” is the one(s) I am currently sitting, so they all take a turn at being number one!

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