The Daxie or Wiener Dog - A Few Breed Surprises

The Dachshund: a doe-eyed, unassuming pup known for their sleek coat and longer than average torso. While wiener dogs may look cute, these pooches were bred in Germany from around 600 years ago to prey on badgers.

And even though most of them have left their viscous pasts behind, a few traits still remain. They’re energetic and playful, yet can be stubborn and by doxie, can they bark at a volume! Despite their loud bark and odd howling tendency, they make better therapy pooches than they do guard dogs… for obvious reasons.

So if you’re thinking about welcoming a doxie home or pet sitting, navigate the basics with this Dachshund breed guide and learn about ex-hunting wiener dogs before meeting your new, narrow buddy.