What Kind Of Dog Are You?

Let’s have a bit of fun today -
If you were a dog what breed would you be? Are you soft and fluffy, or loyal and adventurous? Or would you be a cat?

Tell us what type of dog you’d be and why?

And if you need a bit of help deciding, have a go at this simple quiz from iheartdogs.com

10 quick questions to see what kind of dog you are Quiz: What Kind Of Dog Are You?

Apparently I’m a Poodle … missing the long ears and curly coat

But I quite like the description :heart_eyes: :dog: :heart_eyes:

So take the quiz and share your breed …


French bulldog😀

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Fellow poodle here. I took the quiz and wasn’t too surprised. My little dog Shula and I are very much alike. She’s a poodle mix. We are both independent but loyal, lovers of life, active, curious, enjoy routines but also enjoy trying new adventures and we “chill” best, after exercise. We fit the “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” motto.


Labrador Retriever

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Quiz reckons I’m a dachshund… personally I’d say I was a retriever…


After the quiz, I am a french bulldog :grinning:. French, yes. Bulldog, I don’t know. But I like the description in the quiz result.
I had 2 dogs in my life. A mix spaniel setter Dolly, she was a bit part of the family, we were 4 children and she was the 5th.
And the second a poodle, she lived 16 years. She completely shared my life and the mother life, she came everywhere (in France), she even visited Loire castles (in a bag). She had take the plane several times. When she saw the suitcase, she lay in it.
I think every dog ​​has their own unique personality, but when they live with someone from a young age, they adopt the habits of the person they live with. We often see a dog that looks like his companion.
And now I am cat, it is different, and I always love dogs.


Wearing ur pearls in honor of Ruth Badger Ginsberg.


@Foldor13 I’m late to this thread, but couldn’t resist taking the quiz. It’s dachshund for me, too.

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I’m a poodle too. I’m in good company then. :poodle: :paw_prints:


Figures I would be a lab!

Husky……I love to talk and wear my heart on my sleeve……I don’t think so.

Looks like I’m a lab…we have one in the family, and he’s a sweetheart!!

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