Informative quiz on dogs

Just took this fun quiz and although I don’t own a dog I’m happy to have scored 80%. As a sitter, I’d be embarrassed if I failed. It’s quite informative too!

You Should Never Own A Dog If You Can’t Pass This Quiz (


Some interesting facts-Unfortunately, the advertisements kept interfering with the test-thanks for sharing.

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@Globetrotter Thanks, that was fun. I am pleased that, with my score, I’m rated as a ‘genius’ :rofl: I also learned a few points from those I had wrong, so that was interesting. :thinking:


That was interesting and I learned a few things. I also got rated as a genius - got to be happy with that!


I’m a genius :dizzy: (I knew that…)

I did surprisingly well. I also realised that I’ve come across a surprising range of dog breeds through friends and acquaintances, which I’d never really thought about before.