The dog's incredible 'SNIFFING' ability

Dogs are being used in Helsinki Airport to detect COVID - many are skeptical about their ability to detect the virus, what are your thoughts and have you had an experience where a dog’s sniffing skills have left you wondering “how?”

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I’m a devoted supporter of Medical Detection Dogs who are also training dogs to smell Covid. Their ability is phenomenal; current tests are to sniff out malaria. They’re used to sniff out bed bugs in hotels and support people with anything from diabetes to peanut allergy. In my mind this ticks three boxes: it gives someone their life back; it frees up hospital beds (one girl I support spent most of her life in hospital with brittle diabetes: since getting a support dog she has done a parachute jump and has recently married and now has a baby). It also means that a dog is loved and cared for in a very close relationship with its owner. I never cease to marvel at the power of a dog’s nose.


Hi @Jane Welcome it’s wonderful to see you here in the Forum and thank you for being a member of our testing team.

I’m with you completely, the charity are doing amazing things with their sniffer dog training, thank you for highlighting

As for dogs noses, these 30 facts may well “Blow” everyone’s minds …

When on holiday in Turkey
We met a young lady from England.
She had been chosen to be one of the first type 1 diabetes in the UK :uk:
To receive a diabetic response dog.
Thought it was fantastic :clap:

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