The Green Light For New York Sit

How do react when you see that green light?

We have just gone crazy for the last five minutes. The dog is dancing round the table with me.The regulars will know I’ve been trying to “break into America” for the last few months with no luck. Well, this morning we have been accepted for a sit in NYC. A sit with a beautiful poodle and a Quaker parrot - more about that later - overlooking Central Park. So thankful to this wonderful site.
We are in, now what can we get up to……


@ElsieDownie -Congratulations! - It is such a good feeling when you get accepted for a sit in an area that you really want to visit - I’m sure you will have a blast


@ElsieDownie , congratulations! That sit looks awesome! I had my eye on it too but the dates conflicted. Have a fantastic time with those gorgeous animals in the Big Apple!


Congratulations @ElsieDownie that sounds a wonderful sit!

That rocks!!! Have fun!

@ElsieDownie You’ve cracked it, and what a fantastic location for your NYC sit. Congratulations, and enjoy!

Congrats @ElsieDownie, I remember when we got the “green light” for our 6 week sit on 5th Ave., Manhattan, overlooking CP I didn’t touch ground for a week! :clap: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m not sure what I’m more green about … the poodle, the apartment overlooking CP or the promise of a Broadway musical :wink:

Have fun and safe travels

Congrats to you on your “Greenlight” :grinning:

Congratulations you deserve it!

It’s so exciting to visit new places and incorporate our pet sitting adventures, into our love of travel. Having been born in NY, and grown up in CT, I’m sure I’ve taken for granted, the allure of NYC for other world travelers. I love experiencing and sharing the enthusiasm so many folks have for visiting various countries, cities and regions across the world. Congratulations on your upcoming sit…it’s truly like no other place on the planet!

I’m so happy for you @ElsieDownie !
I hope we too can organise a trip house-sitting in US one day… For the moment we are happy exploring our own country but one day, maybe I shall discover the Big Apple city ! :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve visited many times but always on a sailboat. This time I’m getting to stay in an apartment overlooking Central Park with a dog and parrot…….bit worried about the parrot but I’m reading stuff on the internet.
It is such a good feeling when that green button is in a message.


I was never a lover of big cities and NYC was never on my radar until about five years when we sailed into the Hudson and anchored behind Lady Liberty. That iconic skyline took my breath away as we got closer and closer. As we went under the huge road bridge (can’t remember the name now) and saw her for the very first time I was in tears. The only other time a place has moved me to tears was the first glimpse of Barbados after a thirteen day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean and that was just sheer relief.
I have loved the city ever since. It is so diverse. Every time we visit we take a walking tour of a different district. So much to see. This time I’m concentrating on the Met Museum and the twin tours memorial. I have been to both but didn’t see enough. I couldn’t bring myself to go into the 911 museum but this time I’m going to be brave.
How on earth can anyone take such a vibrant city for granted? I couldn’t live there, too many people and far to noisy but to visit……

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I’m sure the best way to discover this city is to arrive from the sea. I love the way you describe it. My dad was a merchant sailor (is that correct ? meaning he was a mechanic on merchant boat) and told me a lot about NY harbour !

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Don’t worry too much about the parrot, as long as the owner leaves detailed instructions and schedule details it’ll be fine. Parrots are amazing… it may take a little time for it to build trust and warm up to you but once it does, it’s amazing. I’ve been sitting with Paco here for four weeks, it took a little getting to know each other but now we’re best buds!


I hope you are correct. It’s a very small parrot and we only have 7 days to get to know it.

Congratulations. Sounds like a perfect location. The poodle will probably take you on all of his/her favorite walks! The only warning I would give you about NYC is to plan on relaxing a bit when you get home. It’s probably calmer now due to COVID, but in general when I return from a trip to NY I’ve had so much wonderful stimulation, that I need a bit of a break before I return to my usual routines.


No break planned…. Well, hopefully away on a road trip afterwards. See if I can drive in the wrong side of the road still.

So happy for you ElsieDownie. It is just so great when you are accepted for a house sit. Enjoy NY - really why wouldn’t you? I imagine you have not travelled for a while so its extra special. Happy days

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wooohoo lucky you Elsiedownie. I’s love to get a sit in especially Seattle sometime. Lived there shortly back in 2001 and had the greatest time. Also love to go to Hawai’i sometime one of those things you’ve always dreamed about.
But oh myyyy, The big Apple there is soooo much to do. Been there twice and absolutely walked my legs off. And you have a poodle to give you just the excuse to do just that.

whatever you do your gonna have sore eyes and feet from trying to take in everything you’ve always seen in films, shows etc etc.

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