The Secrets Of Catnip

Happy #Caturday Feline Friends … :heart_eyes_cat:

Much like dog zoomies, watching a cat on catnip can be a serious hoot. Wide eyes, bodies outstretched, rolling around in the throes of euphoria - we’re talking viral-worthy reactions here, people! But what is catnip - and why does it elicit such bizarre, brazen behaviors from our feline friends?

Well, strap yourselves in as we’re about to take a feline science lesson on all things ‘catnip’. Read on to find out what is catnip used for, whether it’s any good for our furry friends, and importantly, what it’s really like to be a kitty high on life (or rather, catnip)…


Most cats absolutely LOVE it and its fun to watch them enjoy it. I’ve had cats in the past that were live entertainment on catnip.

Unfortunately, its not for “everyone” (every cat). My cat freaks out and gets afraid; so be sure a pet owner is okay with you giving it to them.

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I thought my cats would love it so I grew it from seeds. I got a great crop but are they interested “no” not in the least. Such a waste!