The trials and tribulations of housesitting


On one sit, the kitty wasn’t happy with the rotation and I had to toss dried food at him, which he enjoyed fielding like a soccer goalie. Or I’d lay out pieces in a row on window sills where he perched, in hopes of him eating some. That was in addition to serving up small portions, staggered, to better entice him, as his humans did. When we finally finished the offending bag of dried food and his humans order another flavor, he started eating more, though still in small servings, like the little lord he was.


You know, I’m not sure why ho’s are so demanding of sitters….i really don’t mind what the cats are fed on as long as they are. We’ve one who gets given wet food (half a pk) every evening. She never eats it but tucks into the dry food. The other eats the wet food, roast chicken (yes, spoilt), and in the morning gets given its kittys leftovers as well as new food. As long as they eat, who cares!

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I’m wondering if they are sympathising with the poor “sensitive lamb” :smile_cat:


For the record I don’t see this as demanding.

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Marketing genius strikes again :rofl:. Maybe the marketing guy was a vegan?

I didn’t see it as demanding with the sit I mentioned, because the cat had nearly died of colitis a year earlier. I knew that going into my sit, so I closely monitored his food and water consumption and his poo and pee, sharing statuses with my hosts.

It was the first time they’d been away for so long since they’d nearly lost him, so they were anxious. I put myself in their place and could empathize. And he was a lovely boy. It was sweet winning his trust. (Though I could’ve done without the mouse he gifted me.)