Thirteen Cats

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The most I have sat for is 11 cats for friends, not through THS. They were all rescues from the village, and I sat for them a couple of times. It was actually easy apart from the washing up. They did have a dishwasher which they didn’t use, and I hadn’t got into the habit of using one as I didn’t have one myself. Now everything would just go into the dishwasher. There were no cat smells or anything remotely unpleasant about this number of cats.
I was due to do a cat sit with 6 cats and goldfish in May this year but, after visiting in September last year when I was in the area, I had to back out for health reasons as the cat smell from 8 litter trays around the house was overpowering and not helped by room fragrancers in every room. I ended up with the beginnings of a headache and could taste the cat smell at the back of my throat for quite a while afterwards.
It’s not easy to tell how a multi-animal sit is going to pan out, but then the same could be said for a sit with just a couple of animals.

I will soon start a sit with 7 cats. If it goes well, I will post here. If not, I will be forever silent :laughing:


I just saw a sit with 13 cats and 1 dog, plus some yardwork and cleanup of cat vomit requested. The dog has to be let out every 2.5 hours, so you can’t do anything except maybe a quick grocery shop. The house is just average for the area, without any amenities that would make you want to stay there 24/7. But I think the owner’s tone is what really turned me away from it. It definitely conveyed that she thought the sitters were just the help.

yikes, I can smell it from here. :rofl: My limit is three (unless they are barn cats or feral so don’t use litter boxes inside)-- not because of the work, I’ve done farm sits that were much more time instensive and with more animals, but simply because I have never been in a home with more than 3 cats that didn’t smell and have cat hair in abundance-- no matter how hard the homeowners work to keep the place clean. After a while, they can’t tell about the smell, but it’s often very potent to a visitor.

Spotted a sit today which made me think of this thread. 10 small dogs in what looks like a standard suburban house. While they don’t all require daily walking the prospective sitter needs to clean up their (inside?) business. Four dates (all short stays) and not a single application yet but very interested to see if there end up being any takers.

I think the one I spotted today would take some beating - 25 dogs, 13 cats, 2 sheep, 2 parrots, 2 aviarys, chickens, rabbits oh and a water buffalo! Has a couple of 5* reviews too. As they say something for everyone. To think that I was tempted to say to the dog breeder I met the other day that was looking for a sitter for her 28 dogs that she might struggle!

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@Shannon I saw that sit, glowing five star reviews and they all love the water buffalo, hilarious :joy: Just goes to show there is a sitter/s for every situation, as you say.


Which country?

I can’t remember now, sorry

The water buffalo+++ sit is in Portugal

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I did a sit with 7 cats not long ago and it was lovely. Yes, a lot of loos to clean and no, not completely free of odours. But I got a great experience out of it. Always affection and purrs and good company. Cosy house in the countryside and a car at my disposal to tour around.